Writely Intergration

Writely is at it’s core an on line document editor. It can do so much more. Like the ability to work on a document as a group. Import/export , fully functional WYSIWYG editor, spell check, auto save, tags, blog, RSS.

For example, a screenwriter could upload the beginnings of a project to a word or text file into writely. then invite his friends to work on it with him. the contributors are able to add, delete, comment, or change any part and all the revisions are clearly marked on a time line that you can compare or revert back to. once everyone is happy with the product, they can export the document into a verity of documents or simply hit the blog button to auto-send and post it for all to see.

The above example is how I wish to use writely. they are working on their API, when integrated I could be able to have a page set up ‘writely projects’ that readers and contributors could visit to read and/or edit directly from stealthfiction without having to go to the external site. There, all Co-authored projects will be accessible.

This post has been written and published through writely using the send to blog feature.


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