Whats to come?

it’s hard to cry
there’s a part of me that died
all my knowledge & all my love
couldn’t prepare me for what’s to come

sounds all around but i’m alone
the walls closing in, afraid of the unknown
everything has changed, been rearranged
and love from god never shown
all my experience and all my dreams
carry me back to where it seems i’m from
It still feels that nothing can prepare me for what’s to come

I scream in the dark but there is no reply
if you ask, yes it hurt but that’s a lie
living life back & forth I roam
isn’t much , never the less I’ve grown
only 10 commandments but I’ve broken a few
less than four but more than two
I think, I feel, I should repent
but I wonder if I should mention the others I’ve bent
I stand alone, apart from the sum
completely unaware of what and when it will come



  1. acai berry for free  July 26, 2009

    Not so sure I agree with all of this


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