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I just haven’t had much to write about recently. I’ve been lazy.


I got the new theme up by the same guy who did the last one. I like it, hope you do as well. credit given to him at the bottom. once i get photoshop up and running i’ll work on a new header. Again, this layout will change when and if Nik gets back to doing public themes, haha.


Moving soon, back to MD, that’s a good thing. More family, more friends, more beer. But before then i got a trip with Fallon to NYC. Maybe I’ll take some pics or something and do a post about that. Also, I got excepted into my new AF reserve job, so i got training coming up too… I’ll be gone a few weeks but should have net access, so while i’m not training I might have writing time…. and to work out. I really need to do that. I come back to this in a minute…

Once these things are done, i’ll be able to get back to a few projects, o.k. a lot of projects, I’ve been working on.

True stories:

I started two 3 part series on this site, the Fat guy series with 2 parts done and the 3 moments series, also with 2 parts posted. As far as the fat guy series, I can tell you the 3rd part is to be called ‘ the return of the skinny guy’ but so far he hasn’t returned, so i can’t very well write that one yet, in other words, I’m still a fat ass. And the 3rd part to the 3 moments series, well, I just haven’t figured out a way to describe it that won’t make me sound like a totally fucking insane person. It’s just a hard thing for me to write, but alas, I’ll get to it.

Fiction Stories:

Gray Skies, The Envelope, Mega Millions, and maybe even another part of Aftermath. (No i haven’t abandoned any of them)

In the future i wont post any stories until they are 100% done! I seem to have a bad habit of starting something, getting 50- 90% done with it and then somethings come up and I can’t finish them. maybe the problem is that I’ve fully thought out the stories and ending in my head and therefor just become lazy and can’t seem to sit down and write out the endings. So i got to stop doing that. Hell, just the other day i got the idea for something but forced myself not to write a word of it until i’m done with the other’s i’ve started. So for anyone who has read parts to an uncompleted story, well, I’m honestly sorry.


Three unfinished projects here. One regarding the fucked up media coverage of terror in America, One that is written by a character from the Gray Skies story, and one that was written year’s ago, but i some how lost a verse when retyping it into wordpress. So ill have to re-write that part.

Grand Total:

With the plan of writing something for the NYC trip, that is 10 fucking unfinished writing projects. I would just let people vote on what order i should work on these, but hell, No one has been reading this site because it’s been forever since i posted. /Sigh



  1. Hannah  April 27, 2007

    I AM!!! I subscribed since stumbling upon the MegaMillions story and has been waiting since forever for the ending. Sine you think no one’s voting anyway…i guess my vote wins and you should start that first. ^_^

  2. Kris  April 27, 2007

    That’s awesome! i guess your vote does win hannah. I’ll get another part up shortly.


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