Whats on the Menu 2


I think after writing the What’s On the Menu post, I’ve really gotten things moving on this site again.


The theme i finally chose was Dark_Black by one more revision, which is a mod of the ‘Black Theme’ done by iLEMONed, that I had been using before the Dark_Black came along. Also I did get photoshop and made a simple logo that matches the color scheme. Something I hadn’t planned on was the use of Tags. I’ve added the tagging feature and will be using it in the future. It works perfectly on this site where a lot of the content is broken up into parts. You can just click on the tag name and find all the parts of a series or any related posts. I only wish I had started using it sooner.


Completed the move to MD. But there is some bad news. My mother passed away while we were in the process of moving. It’s a hard thing and I’m glad to be closer to family and friends, it makes it easier. On a brighter note, I had talked about the NYC trip. It went great, but I didn’t really take any pictures, and as it turned out, most of what Fallon wanted to do was shop. So if you want to know how the trip was imagine going to the closest Abercrombie store. Still haven’t started at the new reserve job, that’s coming up this weekend, and I still got training coming up too… I’ll be gone a few weeks but should have net access, so while I’m not training I might have writing time. I’ve made it to the Gym 1 time to work out. I know I still really need to do that.
Also need to go to the doctors and get some meds for the back problem. I’ve been putting it off, but it’s getting to be too much.
Still a few things to do but I have gotten a few projects done.

True stories:

Still nothing new here. Maybe by the next ‘general update’ I’ll have gotten to it.

Fiction Stories:

I’ve gotten an order as to what is going to be done when.

As requested, I completed Mega Millions first. Just went back and fixed some continuity issues, but if see something I missed or that doesn’t make sense, let me know. Thanks for following it, and I hope you like the ending.

Gray Skies, will be up next, then I’ll figure out how to finish Aftermath, and finally begin working on the The Envelope again.

So basically, 1 down, 3 to go.


Of the three unfinished projects listed last time, One regarding the fucked up media coverage of terror in America, One that is written by a character from the Gray Skies story, and one that was written year’s ago, with the inclusion of another one I found, Inspired by The Dark Tower Series, by Stephen King and for those who didn’t know, this was for my mom. All done.

New Most Popular Post:

Recently I went to see Pirates of the Caribbean 3, I posted some lyrics from the movie. I could not have predicted how popular that song has became. As of the time of this writing the counter for that post reads 32,263 visits, and 143 comments. I would like to think everyone who stopped by, especially those who had left comments and read some other parts of the site.

Grand Total:

Out of those 10 unfinished writing projects, I’ve completed 1/2 of them. Granted, I did complete the easier half first, but who’s counting. Again, just like before if there is something you would like to see sooner rather than later, let me know, and I’ll make it a priority.

And Since I can’t complain that no one is reading this site anymore, I’ll say that if only 1 person finds something else they like here when they only came for those lyrics I mentioned, then I’m happy.

I’ll do my best to keep up this posting streak. Take care.


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