what he did.

I’m sorry for what he did
I can’t believe he hurt you
he always acted like a kid
he always acted like a fool
he hurt you bad & made you cry
I don’t know what his problem was
I really can’t understand why
I don’t blame you for telling him-Good Bye

sweetheart i’m sorry for what he did
you don’t have to cry anymore
dry your strained eye, I’m here for you
all his fault, did it to himself
Don’t look back, he’s gone for good
I’ll try to make things right again
all this pain you didn’t deserve
he deserved it when you kicked him to the curb

honey i’m sorry for what he did
you put him in his place a disgrace
you know i’m still in love with you
could you feel the same way too
now he’s out of the picture
I won’t ever let him near you
One day we might begin again
would you conceder it a sin

baby i’m sorry for what he did
now here is the part that gets confusing
you know i’m not good at losing
I hate this guy for what he did
listen and try to understand
I killed that sorry excuse of a man
this seems to be who I truly am
and I know I still can’t win
so i’m sorry for what he did
one day you’ll be very happy
it will take awhile this I see
all that I have done was all for you
if you ever need me I’ll be here too
you’re in my thoughts ever day
I love you with all that I am
please know I’ll never be him…..Again


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