Went fishing. Caught a buzz.

I was invited out by a friend of mine Shaun to go fishing down in the Delaware bay with him and his friend rob. The spot they we’re going to was actually one of the places I found while looking for a spot to fish with Aaron the week before. I had been planing on heading back there by myself because It it looked like a great spot, and then I could talk my cousin Jesse into coming down to go fishing. So this was perfect.

I met them there at around 5:30 because I had to wait for robin to get home to watch Aaron. Upon Arriving I was greeted with free bait and free beer. So far so good. They had caught a few small fish and quite a few Horseshoe Crabs. It’s their spawning time and Delaware bay is the spawning capital of the world.

I baited up, cast out, popped a beer and relaxed. good times.

They caught a few small fish and hooked into, i would say, a dozen Crabs. I didn’t do so well, Caught one small fish and somehow managed to catch 3 Horseshoe crabs at once, and luckily they fell off the hook when i started pulling the line up to the dock so it saved me the hassle of getting the hook free.

Some guy showed up while we where there, with a pole, a cooler, and a bottle of liquor. he provided us with a few good jokes and decent company.

We stayed until about 7:45 and then packed it up to head home. Turns out Catfish are big there, but only at night. whatever, I didn’t care. might not have caught any real fish but I caught a buzz, and that’s what was really important. ha ha.

I snapped a fer pictures before the sun went down, see below. Now Jesse will know kind of what I’m talking about and will come over and go out fishing with me. at night time though, so we can catch some ‘real’ fish.





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