Web 2.0: Getting Started

Web 2.0: Getting Started

Wecome to the begining of Web 2.0

To get a good idea of web 2.0 read this article. i will be using a lot of these apps and sites listed there. If i mention a program or site and you have no idea what it is, check there and read up on it.

I’ll try to explain all the cool things you can do,some brief descriptions, and give a run down of how my new home page is set up. I’ll make it in dept enough to show how setting up your own personal home page using RSS, Web 2.0 apps and services can change the way you’ve been using the web.

Most of these sites and services will require you to register. The sites i’ll be talking about are reputable and you should have no worries about signing up to them. bottom line: if i mention it. register, and bookmark it.

Here we go.

First thing first. If you don’t have fire fox 1.5, Get it. Tab Browsing and a built in pop up blocker is awesome. I wont get into the other reasons why this is so much better than IE. that info is easily found.

That done, the next step is to import bookmarks from IE or wherever, then create groups and organize your bookmarks using the bookmark manager. this is important. one long list of bookmarks just makes it hard to find what you need.

On to Mail: http://www.Gmail.com 2 gigs plus. if you need an invite just ask. there are other web mail apps but gmail fits in perfect with what we’re trying to do here.

The next app on our list is: http://del.icio.us/ it’s a great tool for finding and sharing links, i like the ‘popular’ section. great place to find good content. (again check it out in the for mentioned article) there is also a fire fox extension that makes it easy to share links you find.

Introducing your new Homepage: http://www.netvibes.com/ This will be our key stone. Sign up and get a feel for how this operates. most is easy to figure out, we’ll talk more about this later.

Photos: http://www.flickr.com the best place to keep your photos on line. there is a tool you can download that will make adding photos to your flickr account a breeze.

Social News: http://www.digg.com users submit and rate stories, forcing the best of the best to the front page. mostly tech related but set to expand into other areas.

Writing: http://www.writely.com Much like MS word, but on line. The best part is that you can invite others to edit or add to the document. In Fact i am using Writely right now.

Storage: http:www.openomy.com i am still playing around with this but having 1+ gigs of free on line storage for documents on line is a good thing.

while some would say they don’t fit into web 2.0 the following made the list because the sites user driven and useful.

Deals: http:www.slickdeals.net users submit deals and the best ones get pushed to the front page.

Classifieds: http://www.craigslist.com find your city, then save that link. there are classifieds on, well, everything.

Community: http://www.myspace.com while not perfect, it’s one of the best ways to keep in touch with friends. great potential to fit into a web 2.0.

There are other links in that article that you may find useful. for now, these will do.

So head over to http://www.netvibes.com/ hopefully you’ve been playing with it. If you haven’t already, set up the ‘boxed’ content they offer, like the Web search, writely content box, flickr, weather, web notes, gmail, pick some of your favorite news, and the bookmarks. play around with this for awhile before going on.

All of these boxes can be moved and a lot have options you can adjust for personal taste.

Now it’s time to talk some about RSS. this is something else i don’t want to get to much into. but you’ll know RSS by this: one of the main things you can do with RSS in enabled sites is to get the latest updates with out having to actually go to the site and check. for example, when we’re set up, you’ll know you have 3 new gmail msg’s. and it will give the title of each msg. from your homepage without going to gmail.com. the same goes for blogs, news, etc. etc.

To get the hang of collecting an RSS link go to Digg.com, in the bottom right, click the RSS link then copy the URL and go back to net vibes, click on add content, paste the URL (Cntl+V) and press add. now you’ll be able to see all the front page news from there.

del.icio.us, offers a link to the ‘popular links’ RSS feed
slick deals, top deals.
craigslist offers RSS for every category pick the ones your interested in.

If you have a lot of blogs, or say, a lot of craigslist categories that you check often, you can use: http://feedjumbler.com to combine common types of content for the sake of saving room on your home page. for example, there are 5 blogs i read and 3 sections off CL. instead of having 8 separate content boxes on my homepage taking up a hella lot of room, i can take the 5 RSS links of the blogs and the 3 from craigslist to feedjumbler and create 2 RSS links, 1 for blogs, 1 for CL content. now there are only 2 boxes on my home page to look at. simplicity.

now with the blogs you like, find all the RSS URLs and combine then with FJ, now. click on Add content, then ‘add my feed’ insert the link, and save. adjust the options as you fit.

Repeat this for all the RSS content you want, Some of my favorite RSS content is Yahoo top news, Ask Yahoo, Qoute of the day, Ehows: How to:, Pirate Bay Torrents. There is a ton of stuff out there.

Good Job, your almost done.

Last Step is Bookmarks. If you’ve separated all your bookmarks into categories go to ‘manage bookmarks>File>Export. save that somewhere. Now back at net vibes go to bookmarks>edit>import> select the file, then upload. Now all your bookmarks are exactly how they are in fire fox and can be accessed no matter where you are right from your homepage. just remember to repeat this step every so often to keep it up to date as possible.

Congratulations, now you can check on all you news, mail, weather, photos, blogs, links, etc all from one site.


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