We Could be Anyone

“We could be anyone.”
“And nothing. I was just saying.”
“Just O.k.?”
“Was that not the right answer?”
“That depends on if you understood what I meant when I said: We could be anyone.”
“I suppose you are going to tell me now.”
“If you want to know.”
“That was not very enthusiastic.”
“I guess you are catching on then.”
“Well in that case I should just keep it to myself.”
“But on the other hand it would be nice to keep talking.”
“Figured as much.”
“So as I was saying We could be anyone.”
“We covered that.”
“Take this conversation we are having for example.”
“What about it?”
“It proves we have a lot in common.”
“Such as?”
“The fact that we both could be anyone.”
“How is that?”
“Am I talking in circles?”
“So far, it seems so.
“My apologies. Let me try to explain my point. Until now, you have been a stranger with a blank face that has had characteristics assumptions thrust into your being.”
“Is that so?”
“Even your response proves as much. ‘is that so?’ could be seen as in a matter-of-fact tone, or it could be perceived as dismissive as if none of this makes sence to you and you do not care. This is the observer’s choice as to what your responses mean. Race, Sex, Age, Clothing, Attitude, Situation, History, and Future has already been assigned to us. Heck, we might not ever be human to some. We could be two carrots or two aliens. Weird huh. Also, these assumptions might change over time on their own, or if we set the facts of who we are.”
“Make any sense?”
“So you’re saying that until right now, a third party who could not see nor hear us, but by reading this whole conversation we are having despite my best tries to avoid it, could, for example picture us as talking while I drive a car, or picture us sitting in a coffee house talking. Is it night or day? This is all up to them?”
“I get it. So we really could be anyone. I could be a rich white man, and you could be a poor black women. Anyone.”
“Until we clarify.”
“Like by me saying, I’m tired. Prior to that, I could have been persevered as being fully interested and wide awake.
“That is correct. Up until they realize the one true fact about the both of us.”
“Which is what.”
“Rather not say.”
“You got me interested now.”
“Sure you want to know?”
“As sure as any observer, I bet.”
“Well until now, I can estimate that any possible observer has assigned value to us and we are who we are and are doing what ever it is we are doing, based one hundred percent on who they want us to be, and what we are doing. Oh except the confession that you are tired, but I suppose the more suspicious observer might assume you were lying and they have you as a sneaky person trying to get one over on me.”
“I may or may not have lost you.”
“Ha ha.”
“O.k. jokes aside. If that was a joke. What is that the one true fact that we can not just make up ourselves.”
“Even though we have been two people, or whatever, having a conversation, the ultimate truth is that we both do not exist. We are just words on paper for the viewing pleasure of the observer.”
“Yeah I know. But it isn’t so bad. Keep in mind that even though we’ll cease to exist while not being thought about, this so called observer might be in the same situation.”
“Hard to keep that in mind when any second we could become extinct.”
“I just thought of something.”
“You sure?”
“No, but, anyway… Everyone lives to see the end of the world. They just are not around afterward to notice.”



  1. DarkSideofBrightness  September 18, 2008

    It would be very interesting and telling on a psychological level to have people describe the characters and the environment they were imagining while reading this.

  2. kris  September 18, 2008

    that’s actually a great idea. Care to share?

  3. DarkSideofBrightness  September 19, 2008

    Ah, if it were only that easy to get me to divulge my innermost workings (actually, it is as easy as buying me a few drinks)! 😉


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