Waste away

what more could you possibly ask for….
aren’t I perfect?!
you know, all your demons are friends of mine….
does that make me worthless?!

I remember, all I ever wanted from you….
to tell me the way,
that I would hear you say you’re sorry!

but it never came and I never came
and I refuse to sit here and waste away
wish you’d stop playing games, playing your game
and I don’t want your pity…and I don’t regret
I just wish I could remember, remember to forget….
knowing your bitch ass is trying to keep me in check

what more could I possibly ask for….
you aren’t perfect!
you know, all my demons don’t have the time….
to make your life worthless!

I remember, all you ever wanted from me….
to feel me waste away
before you would try to make me say I’m Sorry!


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