Wanna see a trick?

Re-enactment of the card trick scene done on the subway train from the movie Brother from another Planet. Got to be one of the coolest card tricks I’ve seen, too bad I don’t know the name of it and there isn’t a Youtube Clip that I know of… Thanks to Zak, Here’s the Brother From another planet Cardtrick Clip.


You wanna see a card trick? No, really. It’s a story. Move over. Go ahead, move over. I’m gonna tell you a story…”

…about Joe… and the bartender…

Joe bartender

Bartender says:
“You know, business has been slow, Joe. I was wondering if you could get four buddies to drink at my bar. I’ll give you 2 bucks.”

Joe goes, “I could use money.”

So Joe goes out.
(Cut the cards. Cut the cards. I’ll cut them for you.)

So Joe goes out. And Joe’s gone five. He’s gone 10. He’s gone 15. He’s gone 20. He’s gone 26 minutes.

And he comes back huffing and puffing and says: “Here’s your four guys to drink at your bar.”

guy1Guy 2Guy 3Guy 4

Bartender goes, “There’s 2 bucks.”
first 2 bucks

They’re sitting there talking. Bartender goes, “These four guys are lonely. Go get four girls to drink with the four guys. I’ll give you 2 more bucks.”

Joe goes, “That’s easy. I got lots of girlfriends.”

So Joe goes out.
(Cut the cards. Go ahead. That’s right. Okay. I’ll do it.)

So Joe goes out. And Joe’s gone five. He’s gone 10. He’s gone 15. He’s gone 17 minutes.

And comes back huffing and puffing. He says, “There’s your four girls to drink with the four guys.”

Lady 1Lady 2Lady 3Lady 4

Bartender says, “There’s 2 bucks.

2 more bucks

But Joe, It took you so long to get the girls, the guys left. So do me one last favor. Go get four more guys, two cases of Ace high whiskey……change for two 20s. I’ll give you 2 more bucks. Last time I send you out.”

Joe goes, “Sure, but I’m sick of going out. I don’t wanna go out anymore.”

(So cut the cards. Go ahead. Okay. I’ll cut them again.)

So Joe goes out, and this time, Joe hurries back. He’s gone five. He’s gone 10. He’s gone 15 minutes.

And he comes back and says: “Alright Mr. Bartender, There’s your four drinking buddies…


…your two cases of of Ace High whiskey…

ace highAce high too

…and your change for Two 20’s”


And the Bartender goes, “Great Joe. There’s $2. Thanks.”

last 2 bucks

They’re just sitting around the bar, talking. Bartender goes, “Are you a family man, Joe?”

Joe goes, “I Sure am. I’ve got seven kids… 4 Boys, 3 Girls.”

7 kids, 4 boys3 girls

And the Bartender goes, “I got seven kids, 3 Boys, 4 Girls!”

7 kids, 3boys,4 girls

That’s great, Joe. How old are you, Joe?”

“Well, I’m 67…”

age 67age 67

“…My wife, she says she’s 55…”

age 55age 55

She’s really 65.”

age 65age 65

“That’s great. Joe, are you a gambling man?”

“I sure am. I play at the 96 Club…”

96 club96 club

“…on 42nd Street…”


“…The other night I won $499…”


“…My partner had a full house, Aces over Eights…”


“…Which usually wins…but I said…. ‘Not this time, sucker… I got a straight flush.’ “




  1. konorza  July 9, 2008

    hey if you find out the name of this card trick or a dvd tutorial or whatever , let me know please!!!!! e-mail me: kon1@verizon.net

  2. susan  August 19, 2008

    I’ve been trying to find out how to arrange this card trick for years. My brother taught it to me when I was a kid, and I used to amaze people with it all through college.

    Then I didn’t do it for years. . . .

    So yes, is there an online tutorial to tell exactly how the card cutting and finding the next parts of the story go?

    P.S. The way we did it, the winning hand at the end was a royal flush–it makes a much flashier ending!

    • John  March 11, 2015

      It was a straight flush. I remember there was a process after cutting the deck of flipping 3 cards at a time until you saw the signal card revealed you would count in your headbhowbmany cards were left till the object (Joe) card would be.we told it as Joe went 1 block (3cards)face up,2 blocks (3more cards)face up , 3 blocks (3 more cards face up when you saw a certain card it would mean joe was within 2 more cards (2houses)triggering your statment after turning your initial 3 card piles (blocks)and single card (house ) or 2 cards( houses) and Joes back. ingcontent://media/external/file/6511l cards and Joes back

  3. Al  October 1, 2008

    Mmmmm, you’re remembering wrong, Susan. it couldn’t have been a royal flush at the end ’cause all of the kings, queens, and jacks have already been used.

    But if you remember how to do even a part of it, post it, will ya? I’d love to be able to do this.

  4. kris  November 26, 2008

    Thanks for the link Zak!

  5. Susan Ellen  April 7, 2009

    How do you actually do this trick. I knew years ago, but I forgot. Does someone have an explanation on how to actually work the cards and do the trick?

    • V-cardbaybee  January 10, 2011

      ok so to set up the deck the first cards on top r joe n the bartender. i use a 3 hearts as joe and a joker as thhe bartender. the way me an my gramps do it is we put the 4 kings then 4, a 6, then a 8, then the $2 tip. (joe found the 4 guys at 468 street and gets $2 tip)( guys run out of $ so he finds new ones) then you put the 4 jacks then 4, 6, an a 8 then the $2 tip ( finds then at the same place) (then random jack needs change for 2 $20′s ) then you put your for 10′s in there then your $2 tip. joe goes to find ladies so yah gte your 4 queens in order then you found them at 4, 6, 8 street again and he gets a $2 tip. THEN! a police raid comes and eeryone leaves (put all cards that where used off to the side) the police man asks joe if he knows him from somewhere and joe says yes. police asks his age and he says( have your cards in 5, 3 , then 5, 7 then another 7 n another 7 then 4 then a 3 then a 9999 n a 3, then you have your straite flush : 5,6,7,8. “i’m 53, no i’m lying to you i’m 57.” “got any kids joe?” “yes 4 boys and 3 girls.” “what do you do for a living?” “im a pro card player.” “have any good hands latly?” “yep for 9′s and a 3, but i lost it all to a straite flush.

      ok so MAKE SURE YOU HAVE YOUR 8 OF SPADES AT THE BOTTEM AT *ALL* TIMES. before u ask them to cut the deck u need to put joe at the top, so when he is up there THEN you cut it in half ONCE. so it would be kinda like this: O O the o on the right was the top half so you put the bottom half ontop of it, as your telling the sstory bout him walking all up and down the streets trying to find ___ you need to be going through your hand a couple cards at a time, when you see the 5 spades count out the 6,7,8 then as soon as you turn over the 8 put those in the back of the hand. joe is the card RIGHT after the 8 of spades (see how its important??) DO NOT LET THE PEOPLE SHUFFLE THAT CARDS! ONLY LET THEM CUT THE CARDS ONE TIME NOT 2 2OR 3 ONLY ONE OTHER WISE IT WILL NOT WORK. ok so thats bout it if you need any help with that shoot me a email: LunaRamirez13@Yahoo.com

  6. eric  June 21, 2009

    this is not an easy card trick to learn. you have to memorize the whole story and theres a bunch of tricks you have to do that you have to be shown in person but you could try doing it watching a video. I can do it but with a slightly different story and it amazes everyone. i love it.


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