Vistered Little 1.6

Nik released the newest version of vistered little today, the wordpress theme I’ve been using for some time now. there are quite a few new things with the latest release but most notable new features are full I.E. 6 support and the return of the individual sidebar ‘bubbles’ with widget support.

if your using vistered little I recommend you upgrade as soon as possible.



  1. Ashley  August 13, 2006

    Yes, Nik is awesomely talented. It looks great, and I’m unfortunately having to use IE right now. That’s exciting. lol.

  2. Beercrazyjen  August 16, 2006

    I like my theme the bestest.

  3. Angel  August 24, 2006

    where is zip file for download? The file in wordpress site is corupte.

  4. Darren  September 6, 2006

    Seems like in IE 6 your thumbnails at the top are overlapping your Blog title. I’m also using this theme, I have it looking fine in FF. But IE (which unfortunatley most people use) screws is numerous ways. the other thing I have noticed is that the black background of the content boxes has no transparency. I agree, it’s a fantastic theme and with a lot of room for progression.

    I think quite a few people are having issues with the theme but are hitting a brick wall with support. Mayeb we should all get together on a dev forum somewhere and bang heads.

    My current issue is integrating the Google map etc…

    check out


    ~ drop me a line if you want top bang heads :)


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