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The floor is covered in broken glass because, once again, she has forgotten who I am. Angry, I try to pick up the pieces and once again it ends with bloodied hands. It doesn’t help her when I get upset, but sometimes I need to because I can’t…
I can’t…
I! … Can’t! … Stand-it!
How can I not think that god is cruel…
How can I not think that god is cruel…
When every day I sit and watch her lose another piece of who she used to be!

I scream… No one listens!

Forgive me, please, for speaking the truth. Crying, on my knees, I
remember love, I remember youth. Gone, are those rays. I’m trapped looking out a window.
Dark thoughts.
When will I be a widow?
I’m sorry… There is no sun shine today in the land of hope. Age had eroded any silver lining that I had once known. Nothing eternal, nothing forever, regardless of the weather, day by day I watch as she is taken, by this disease, taken away…
Don’t take her away!

I scream… No one listens!

And on the floor there are still shards of broken glass. And I’m surprised at the speed that blood dries fast. And my breathing is slowing at last. And my hands are shaking…
but soon, this too, will come to pass.

Sorrow. I’m leaving now. I’ll be back tomorrow.

Please remember.


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