Will she forgive her?
She made a terrible mistake
Won’t be until tomorrow
Until she realizes the full extent
Of the decision she made that morning

Will she forgive herself?
At the time it seemed to be her only option
When the coward walked
Completely confused
All the other doors slammed shut
Thinking back to that day
When he walked into her life
Promised the world to a girl
Who was only 16 years old
But delivered nothing but pain

young and naive
still can’t conceive
how she believed he loved her
left alone with closed eyes
takes a step and lets go

awakened by a new day
opened her mouth and tried to speak
the sound barely escaped her lips
looking to her belly
she begins to cry
birds fly out side of the hospital
through the window looking at the sun
thinks about the child she lost
and under her breath she whispers
It has been undone


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