The Resistance.

My real name is Jared Bish. I am journalist. Like you, I am a member of the resistance. None of you knew me by my real name but I feel like sharing since it no longer is of any importance to keep that information secret. Because of my previous messages and resistance operations, some of you called me a leader, but I’m no leader, I’m just a citizen fighting for what I believe. My guess, I’m just like each and everyone of you who are doing the same.

Right now, I’m in a hotel, about 250 kilometers outside of the Capital green zone. I’ve modified my appearance as best as possible and I’ve managed to fool this hotel’s biometric scanner to grant me access without alerting the authorities. I’m registered under the alias of a person whom I had secretly obtained some DNA samples during my escape.

Even though I’ve managed to avoid detection and got out of D.C. I know they will find me. In the last six months every fugitive has been captured in less than 48 hours. With the voice recognition wire taps, satellite surveillance, the new retina scanners, and god knows what else they are using now to track people, it’s a miracle I made it this far. By now, no doubtingly, my face is plastered on every state run news channel and news paper in the sector, if not the entire ASA. By my calculations, I’ve got about 24 hours at best before I’m dead.

I had to leave the safe-house in a hurry. The Special Police were coming to kill me. I barely managed to destroy the hard drives of the computer network before I heard the tell-tale siren of the SP transporters. A few moments later I heard the C-4 charge detonate on the front door and the Special Police began to lay siege to the place.

I don’t know how I managed to get out of the back entrance. A blunder on their part perhaps. I remember seeing two SP’s fall dead as I emptied a magazine in their general direction while running towards the storm drainage system that the safe house was located by, and make no mistake, the house was chosen for just such a reason. I had never killed a man before, not with my own hand, it’s hard to explain how it makes you feel knowing you killed men whom you are fighting to save. I know that I had no choice but that knowledge does not lessen this feeling of emptiness. I now have a greater respect for the resistance members who must do it on a daily basis.

I didn’t escape unscathed. I took a round in the shoulder and another grazed my side. It hurts far worse than I imagined it would to be shot, but in the past hour I’ve become rather friendly with a bottle of whiskey so for the time being, the pain is dull. And besides, it’s nothing compared to what I’m sure to experience once they finally do catch me. But I digress, my escape nor my health is not of much relevance to the matters at hand.

Getting back on point, the information on the computer network was in-fact destroyed. The thermite did it’s job well, burning directly through the holographic drives. This should come as some slightly good news, for as far as I know, the objectives and the identities of the rest of everyone in the resistance would be safe. Excuse me, safe probably isn’t the right word, because some how they found out who I was, so how safe were any of us to begin with?

I don’t know if we have been infiltrated by the S.P.Y.’s or if it was a mistake on my part that led them straight to the house, but please be mindful of the people you associate with and always have at least two trusted partners during any operation. Remember, they know we are out there now, and they want to exterminate us. Anyone could be a mole so be as careful as possible.

I wish I had some more recent information to share, I can only recap the news from the last transmission: Our operations in Southern California and along the DMZ Canadian border have been a success. Recruitment numbers were up the day before I ran, also good news, but we had a set back in the Miami area, a cell of 28 resistance members dropped off the grid, they are considered M.I.A. but intel suggests that all 28 were K.I.A. Still waiting on verification. After you read this message please observe a moment of silence for our fallen brothers and sisters, they would do the same for you.

Although I have nothing else new to report, for the time being I am able to keep writing, so I would like to speak my mind about our enemy and a few thoughts on how we may be able to continue to resist. But to do so, I need to talk about the past, a word that still stings when we hear it, because it is the one thing we can never change. But to learn from our mistakes we must examine the past and the situations that led us to where we stand today. There is no other way to truly change the world if we continue to try to forget.

I know It’s crazy to think how much everything changed in ten short years. America was never perfect, but at least some of it’s intentions were noble. We were a constantly changing society, at times we were great, and at other times in our history our image was tarnished. Now there is nothing that could ever be done to reverse the effects of what has happened since the great rift. If there is ever another history book written, our entire past will be left out and the only thing future generations will read of us, is: The fall of America and the atrocities it unleashed in the name of Neo-Freedom.

There just wasn’t enough information to predict, let alone prevent AXIS from coming into power. No one saw it coming. A few years back, there were the rumors that the political party had origins leading back to a cult, and even to Randell and Jackin Smith, it seemed utterly ridicules. Two people whom can be easily compared to David Koresh of the Branch Davidians religious sect, or perhaps Jim Jones of the People’s Temple, or Marshall Applewhite of Heaven’s Gate. The Smith bothers were, to put it simply, insane, so it would be insane to think that the followers of those two long dead cult leaders could have organized and expanded into the power house that is the Axis Party, but the world is now insane as well, so it’s not a far stretch to believe those rumors may have been true.

Some say it was when the budding Axist, financial bankers who were disguised as the now defunct Neo-cons, convinced the last American president to annex Cuba and Northern Mexico or they think it was when the new Axis party was officially formed and recognized nationally or maybe it was when congress voted 3 to 1 in favor of a preemptive nuclear strike on the Islamic holy cities, including Baghdad and Mecca, as a terrorism deterrent.

But by the time these events had happened, there was no going back. It came as no surprise to anyone when Congressman Charles ‘Deschain’ Evans was elected into the office of the President, and on his first day, he and his party, abolished the old American voting system thus making him the first permanent President. But still, even then, people did not start really caring. It wasn’t until the total ban on all non Axis-based Religion that some Americans showed alarm.

When it was just Muslims who were barred and placed in determent camps, or simply vanished from sight, most of America said nothing, they were brainwashed into thinking it was for their safety, that it was the only way to prevent the terrorists from striking again. But when it became Illegal to practice Judaism, Christianity, Hinduism, buddhism, and all others, it was only then that the public began to wake up. And of course the military was called in, then soon after, the Second, and very short and bloody American civil war begun.

Most succeeding states fell within the first 30 days, a few, Rhodes Island, Nevada, New York and Maryland withheld a total of 90 days. All states surrendered when the President made good on the threat to level New York City using nuclear weapons, the casualties were too great to imagine.

Inevitably, when it was declared that the Union was fully intact again, the United States was re-branded the Axis States of America.

But those events may not have been the beginning. Others say, and I tend to believe, it was when they managed to infiltrate and destroy the 3.5.8. in the first decade of the 21st century. That paved the road for them to cease America. Again, not much is known of the 3.5.8. or even if it ever truly existed or in which capacity they served the former United States. One thing is clear however, any one who is still alive that had any affiliations with the fabled government organization is our best hope of taking down President Evans and the Axis Party…

After this is posted to the Free-internet, I will destroy this laptop along with anything else I have that will link myself to any of you and to the resistance. Please consider it my last service to the cause. It has been an honor to serve.

I am extremely glad I had the chance to converse one last time, but before I go, I feel that there is a confession I need to make. I was not completely honest about the severity of the injuries I sustained while making my exodus from the capitol. Please forgive me for this small deception, it was more myself that I was trying to lie to than any of you. Truth be told, I don’t think I need to worry much more about the Secret Police apprehending me.

The hour is late, I’ve lost a lot of blood and I am more tired than I have ever felt in my life. I am going to go lay down to rest and prey to the god of my choice. Axis be damned.

Have Hope.


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