The Random Crap Cometh

It goes by many name, Bride Of Chucky, Bandolier of Carrots, it is the mystical, magical,’s Random Bag Of Crap!

Every so often Woot will offer their most prized item. What it it? That’s right, Crap. For $1 USD you can order one ‘Crap’ but it is highly recommended to order the maximum amount ‘Craps’ – 3. The total for 3 ‘Craps is $8.000. That’s 1 buck per crap and 5 bucks for shipping and handling. You don’t know what Crap you get until it comes to your door.

Yeah, it’s pretty stupid but so many people fight to try and get their ‘Craps’ that Woot’s servers crash every single time they list it. They sell out within seconds of being available.

After many unsuccessful attempts, I managed to snag my crap and I hope the Crap is good.

Random Bag Of Crap


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