The 'N' Word.

Recently there has been a lot of talk of ‘The N Word’ because some comedian used the word Nigger. (Gasp!) That’s right, I said Nigger. Nigger. Nigger. Nigger.

I’m not going to comment about the situation that caused everyone to get their panties in a bunch. I just want people to stop saying ‘The N word’ It’s all over television and all over the net, people have begun to say ‘The N word’ when talking about someone calling a black man a Nigger.

Take this guy for example.

“I never use the N-word, I don’t think anyone should call someone else the N-word”

Guess what you idiot, you just did use it. By using ‘The N word’ to represent the word Nigger. You basically said Nigger. So why not just skip the 5th grade bullshit and be an adult.

Why you shouldn’t use the ‘The N Word’

1. You’re still saying Nigger
2. You look and sound like a moron.
3. It actually makes you look even more racist because the word has such a strong meaning for you.

Nigger is just another word, if you are discussing the word, then it has no power. Emotion is what really gives the word nigger it’s power. Alone the word is harmless, it’s only when the word is applied to a person or a group of people, in a way that projects negative feelings, or hate, that it becomes racist.

Have you ever wondered why it’s Ok and non offensive (to most black people) when black people call each other Nigger, or more common ‘Nigga’ ?

Its how something is said, and not the what is said. That has always been the case with language. You could tell someone, ‘I love you’ and to them it wouldn’t mean a thing, unless they could Feel the words.

If you don’t use racial slurs, that’s wonderful, but please if you choose to discuss them, then at least show some respect and speak the actual word. My question to you, Mr. ‘N Word’ Users, are you against Racists or are use just against the words racists use? Think about it.



  1. Robin  November 29, 2006

    OMG now your gonna get sued.

  2. H. Lewis Smith  November 29, 2006


    Los Angeles, CA., – Author H. Lewis Smith has written a thought provoking, culturally divided book that will not only spark heated conversation, but can also bring about real change. The N-word is often used in the African American community amongst each other and is generally not a problem when spoken by another African American. However, once the word is used by a Caucasian person, it brings on other effects. The question is “who can use the word and why?” Smith believes it is a word that should be BURIED!!!!

    The book is written in a manner that all can understand. The points are well-taken and the wording is easy to follow. There are quotes from great people in our history including Martin Luther King, Jr., Harriet Tubman, James Baldwin and many, many others. Smith has mixed history with honesty, love with life, education with effects. This is a great book for educators, parents, managers, professionals, newsmen, and anyone else wanting an in-depth look at the N-word, the effects and the solutions. A MUST READ!!!!

    To learn more about Bury that Sucka, please visit

  3. Hamburger  December 14, 2006

    Somebody needs to take that word back like Randal did ‘porch monkey’ in Clerks 2. I’ll go ahead and nominate myself for the position.

  4. Lisa  December 19, 2006

    O.o yeah but uh…if you say this then go out and try and test your theory…black people are gonna jump you…seriously…they will look at you and go what the hell did you say and well…kill you…or at leasthurt youu rly bad

  5. lol  December 20, 2006

    uhh jus stop. does that word concern u? nooooooooo , so let it fade.

  6. lol  December 20, 2006

    i think youre racist man.

  7. lol  December 20, 2006

    an no, if someone tried to bring that back,yes youd probably get jumped. best leave that theory alone.

  8. chanel  January 5, 2007

    it’s a horrible word and not even people of color should say it because many people worked hard to get rid of the word and now wherever you go you hear this horrible word.

  9. kalllllll  January 5, 2007

    stop sayin the word everybody

  10. steve  January 10, 2007

    I heard somebody complaining about being called ‘black’ because their skin is actually brown. So what? I’m called white, but my skin isn’t. EVEN AN ALBINO ISN’T WHITE. THEY’RE FUCKING PINK. Are albinos going to be the next to complain for being called white when they are actually pink? WHO THE FUCK CARES WHAT YOUR COLOR IS. If you act like a nigger, you’re a nigger. Color is irrelevant. A BLACK friend of mine (his description, not mine)hates being called AFRICAN-AMERICAN. He’s not from Africa. He’s from the USA. He doesn’t know what country his ancestors hailed from. But he’s black. He’s not African. He’s an American. He is NOT an African-American. When I heard Brownie complain about being described as Black I pretended to be all upset about my people being called Krauts. How insensitive to compare my ancestors to a pickled cabbage. CALL ME A KRAUT! I REALLY DON’T FUCKING CARE. And neither should you.

  11. Gregory.  July 12, 2007

    Personally, I hate the N word. Iam an African American. Its demeaning and NO ONE should use it. It should be viewed in a historical content and for how it harms people emotionally. Yes its a new century; Racism is still alive and well in America today. This country still hasn’t dealt with Racism and it needs to.

    Ignoring the problem of Racism will not make it go away. Yes its painful, we have to confront it in order to learn and heal from it.

  12. fhbupfqzeu  July 31, 2007

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  13. ah...  October 30, 2007

    Why the hell should we care, it is peoples own business if they use the word nigger or not.

  14. Zo  February 15, 2008

    Let’s take a couple of hypothetical situations.

    1-A woman who isn’t a ‘slut’ gets called a ‘slut’. Unless said woman has low self-esteem, she will be unaffected by this.

    2-A woman who IS a ‘slut’ gets called a ‘slut’. Chances are she’ll be offended and embarrassed by it.

    Think about the difference in the effect of the word when it is untrue as opposed to when it’s true.

    Words that describe someone, like; bitch, whore, prick, emo, loser, trailer-trash, lame, creepy, useless, ugly, fat, pale, smelly, disgusting…

    If used with feelings behind them, they can be devastating when true.

    Skinheads and KKK-like people aside, for most who would use the word in a derogatory, emotionally-charged derogatory sense, the word means, “useless, uneducated, boisterous, slack-jawed, welfare-mooching, drug-using, crime-committing, race-card playing, drain on society, with no reason to continue living”.

    Wouldn’t it be safe to say that only people who fit one or more of those qualities would be offended by the word?

    Wouldn’t a respectable black family with good jobs, respectful children, a nice house, non-tricked-out cars, two dogs, and living in a well-kept home not give two shits about some idiot calling them a word that doesn’t pertain to them?

    As far as the ‘history’ goes… get over it! No one cares that your ancestors were slaves. I can 100 percent say that no one any of us have ever seen has owned a slave, so it’s not like you can blame ANYONE ALIVE for the suffering of your ancestors. You’re already getting more opportunities to be a productive part of society than any other minority just because of your skin color!

    It’s a word! If the word doesn’t pertain to you, it has NO power over you, nor can it affect you in any way…

    In closing, I hope there are a TON of you out there who are offended by this closing statement.

    While I fully respect black people,


    /whiteguyrant off

  15. kris  February 15, 2008

    “useless, uneducated, boisterous, slack-jawed, welfare-mooching, drug-using, crime-committing, race-card playing, drain on society, with no reason to continue living” (, pathetic loser. -or insert you own closing- )

    Man, I’m going to try and memorize that line right there and the next time someone pisses me off im going to say that to them. I think you have just came up with the best put down of all time.

  16. Zo  February 15, 2008

    Glad you liked it!

  17. Jeff  October 16, 2008

    Thank you man! You said what was needed so badly to be said. And what’s worse, some black folks think that white people should be forced to apologize and pay reparations for what our ancestors did. Forget that, man. To be honest I’ve seen more racism against white people than I ever did against black people. Do you know why? Racism against blacks = one of a few things. Public outcry (news, Al Sharpton, et cetera), legal action, a beatdown, and so on.

    Racism against white people = “It ain’t no big deal.”

    And to top it all off, think about the word origin of the word “nigger”.

    Negro is Spanish for “black”, which is likely where the colonists got the word from. As you all should know from history class, black people were originally called Negroes in early America. The word “nigger”, therefore, most likely was a slang term derived from “Negro”, meaning “black”. Nothing to get out of shape about there, is it? At least, nothing more than “white boy”, “whitey”, or “cracka”.

    Where is it said that you can legally deny the right for a word to be spoken? If nigger is getting THIS much censorship, it bypasses all of the cuss words! Ridiculous!

    Furthermore, nobody EVER uses the word nigger anymore. Everybody that I have ever heard, white or black, racist or not, has always used the word “nigga”.

    So you can’t use the excuse “Well it’s okay if black people say it because we use nigga.”


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