The last eye

Permanently vacationing in the land of the blind?
labeled insane for knowing a concept they claim to be a myth
spit upon and scarred a liar for describing the sun
stoned and shunned as the boy who cried wolf
the thousand black clouds that line the dark shadowed horizon
is it my nature to warn of the coming storm?
or is it one more truth…
added to the list of what they refuse to believe in?
disappointment can only be found…
in this charge with a lack of the rational
three facts are apparent to the man who maintains the last eye
the damned see no light, feel no faith, and possess no soul
the man with the last eye, only he can see the way
logically is it not he who should reign as king?
why then tell me are the blind led by the blind?
why in this land can sense never be seen?


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