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Technorati is an Internet search engine for searching blogs, competing with Google, Yahoo, PubSub and IceRocket. As of August 2006, it indexes over 50.6 million weblogs. The new Indexing standard in the blog world. source:wikipedia

If you want more exposure for your blog or just want to find the content you are looking for more efficiently then technorati is a service you should be familiar with.

This is geared towards WordPress but the techniques and information can be applied to other blog software as well. As a WordPress user I will be focusing on ways that you can quickly and easily get your blog content listed and updated on technorati and other sites. Using ping back services and tags, which will be explained in some detail, you will be able to reach a larger audience.

Your first order of business is to sign up at

Once signed up, log in. go to the Claim you blogs section and you will be prompted to enter your blog Url and submit.

Here you are given an option as to how you wish to claim your blog. Either of the three options (Quick Claim, Post Claim, Embedded Claim) will do the same thing, however, If you wish to add some functionality I would suggest using Embedded method. Follow the instructions on claiming your blog.

With your blog claimed, now is the time to visit your account profile and and add some information about you and your blog. You can upload a picture and add a personal bio.

Now your ready to add your default tags. On your account page, under ‘Your Blogs’ Select configure Blog. Add a short bio of what your blog is about and then check the box that says ‘Include this blog in Technorati’s Blog Finder’ Now you may enter up to 20 keywords. Select words that describe what you write about.

For example, if you tend to write about sports, use sports as a key word. If your posts are considered funny use humor as a keyword.

You may also choose to enable your advanced content if you chose the Embedded claim during set up. Now that you have your initial tags selected, save your profile. Congratulations, Technorati has now been configured.

Now we will get into some wordpress specifics on how you can keep technorati updated with your latest posts and indexed with your key words.

Pingomatic is a useful tool to ‘ping’ all the popular blog indexing sites including technorati. Basically a ‘ping’ is just the term used to describe what happens when you update a blog and inform the indexing sites of your changes.

WordPress and Pingomatic makes it extremely easy to, as the name implies, automatically ping the indexing sites. To set this feature up, log into your WordPress admin area. select the Options page. Select the ‘Writing’ Sub-page. At the bottom, you will notice an area that says ‘Update Services’ In the box below that Add the following lines, and then update your options.

Congratulations, by adding those three lines you told WordPress to Automatically update a majority of the indexing sites of all posts you make or edit.

Now the problem is that no matter how many posts you make hardly anyone is gong to find them with out an easy way for them to search for the content. Enter ‘Tags’, which again are just keywords for each post you make.

For example, if you wrote about a celebrity you would want to Tag it with that persons name, so that your post would come up when ever someone searched for them.

The first thing you will need to do is install a wonderful WordPress plugin , Autometa. Download the Autometa plugin and install it into your plugin directory. Log into WordPress and activate the plugin ion the plugin page. After you active Autometa, refresh the plugins page and select the Autometa sub-page.

It should tell you that Autometa is installed correctly and that it is ready to use.

Adding tags to your posts is quite simple. After you are finished writing a post, scroll down to the ‘Custom fields’ section. Under ‘Key’ select Autometa and click add custom field. Autometa will scan your post and add suggested tags. Understand that Autometa is not perfect and will sometimes choose tags that don’t seem to go with the point of your post. All you need to do is add more tags and remove unwanted tags. If you want Two or more words as a tag use the + sign between words, such as Stealth+Fiction will create the tag as ‘Stealth Fiction’ instead of both words separate.

Your Done! With your new tags inserted for your post, Update and publish your post. All the Indexing sites will be notified that you had made a post and all your tags will be listed. Now you should be able to head back over to technorati do a search for some tags you used and watch as your blog posts shows up.

Accessibly to your blog has been increased 10 fold. Enjoy your traffic.

Note:these are the technorati tags used in this post.

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  1. Mike  March 15, 2007

    I get over 20 times the same thing over over and over, and the blog it can be listed on Technorati, ” There was a problem claiming your blog. Please try again in a few minutes. You can also go to Technorati Help for help claiming your blog. ”

    I tried with 6 blogs , but nothing, do you know the reason or how to get in fast ?




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