Sunset Flip

Over the weekend a new drink was invented. This drink is the greatest drink ever made. It was so great I couldn’t name it myself. Yes, really, it is that great.

Hooper, Eggward and I went to the liquor store to pick up some beer and some girlie drink type stuff for Casey and Robin to drink. When we got back I started pouring things together and thus was born the greatest drink ever.

I allowed Casey to sample the awesomeness. I asked what I should name such a profound invention that could one day change the course of man kind. With out so much as a blink, she snapped, ” sunset flip” … brilliant.

So what will you need before hand to attempt the task of mixing up a ‘sunset flip’ ?

1 Bottle of Captain Morgan’s® Parrot Bay PINEAPPLE Rum
1 Bottle of Bacardi 151 Proof Rum
1 Bottle of Bacardi ‘Party Drinks’ Mai Tai Mixer
1 Bottle of Tropicana Home style Orange Juice
1 Bottle of Coke’s ‘Vault’ Soda
1 Bottle of Marciano cherries
1 Bottle of Grenadine
Tall glasses
Ice cubes

Got all that? Now let’s make one.

  • Place 5 ice cubes in a tall glass.
    Add one shot of 151. (or two, your preference)
    fill the glass up to the “ice line” with Parrot bay.
    Add a splash of of the Mai Tai mix.
    Add a splash of Orange juice.
    The glass should be about 1/2 full at this point.
    Add ‘Vault’ to about 1″ from the rim of the glass.
    Stir together and stop.
    Slowly add grenadine until the glass is full. (grenadine resting on bottom)
    Drop in the Cherry
  • Drink and Enjoy.



    1. Dawn  August 23, 2006

      kudos for new drink inventions!!!! I’ll have to try it


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