Stranger in the Car.

Three Moments Pt. 1

Three moments that has happened to me over the course of my life. Three moments I will never forget. Three moments that changed me. Three moments that, until now, I haven’t shared. Three moments that I wish I could understand.

The Stranger in the Car.

My father was a friendly person, at the age of 4 or 5, it seemed like her was the most popular guy around. I remember driving around with him and he would always be meeting with someone.

One of his friends either worked at or owned a junk yard. He had gone to visit this friend of his one night and somehow I ended up going along for the ride. I was in the backseat and remember thinking the moon had been following us as we drove.

When we got to the junk yard my father told me to stay in the car, he said he would be right back. I can tell you, at that age 30 seconds can seem like hours while you’re waiting in a car at night. I wanted to get out and go get him.

My father had brought along a friend who was sitting in the front seat. I asked this person if he would go get my father. He didn’t answer me. I asked him if I could go get him, and again he did not answer. After a few seconds I decided to get out of the car anyway. The person in the front seat turned around and spoke to me, and he smiled, but to this day I can’t recall what he said, I only remember his reassuring tone.

I never made it to the front door. While walking toward the house, I heard small cries coming from under the trailer’s steps. An adult would have never saw them but at my hight i could see that there was a litter of puppies under there. The moment I saw them is the moment it happened. Two Doberman pincher’s attacked me. I was dragged around and my right arm and shoulder were being ripped at.

Two dogs were trying to kill me but I don’t remember feeling any pain. The friend of my fathers got out of the car and was trying to get the dogs off of me, and then I saw that my father had come out of the trailer and managed to get me free.

I vaguely recall being rushed to the hospital. I remember the doctors bandaging me up and I understood that If they wouldn’t have gotten to me when they did, the trained guard dogs would have made it to my throat and I would have been dead.

Later on, I asked my father who had been in the front seat. I told him that his friend tried to keep me in the car like he asked and that I was sorry I didn’t listen. I wanted to know if we could go visit his friend so I could thank him for his help when the dogs attacked.

My father looked at me and told me that we had been alone in the car. I didn’t understand what he meant. I tried to ask him again and again he told me that it was only Him and I that were in the car that night, we had left the house and drove to the junk yard alone. To me, that seemed impossible. I insisted that his friend, the person that was driving with us that night had tried to save me. We stoped talking about it and I was never sure if he had believed me or not.

And years later, in the hospital, shortly before my father died, I listened to him speaking to people whom he said were standing at the foot of his bed. He asked if I could see them, and when I told him that there was no one there, that we were alone. He assured me that they were there. I smiled and cried at the same time. I believed him.

Pt.2 Brush with Lightning.

Dream that Wasn’t .
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