Smplr 3 Review brought to you by the creator of the most downloaded wordpress theme, recently released Version 3.0.

Smplr version 1, was just a glorified Google search that looked ‘perdy’. You typed in a what you wanted, hit enter and it took you to a google results page. Perfect for those that liked to open up their browser and smile at the elegant start page. But some people don’t care about visuals and Smplr V.1 would not have been for them.

With the release of Version 3, Smplr is no longer just a glorified google search. New functionality allows a user to quickly and easily go to a direct Url, search for a stock quote, news, weather, wikipedia, the internet movie database, tv shows, recipes, ebay, bittorrent, price grabber, and yes, even Thottbot for those World of warcraft fans. and more still to come.

And lets not forget that is still looks great, Version 3 currently allows for 5 distinct and amazing wallpaper visual styles that are easily changeable.

Although I have yet to pick up an iPhone, I do believe this may be perfect homepage for any Iphone user. Testing still needs to be done to insure full compatibility but with the visual styles and the ease of use is now a viable home page option.



  1. Dustin  July 16, 2007

    Nik make you his guinea pig too while making version 3? 😛


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