Self Preservation

I’m standing here alone
I’m staring at a reflection in a pool of blood
A reflection of my former self
I can feel the changes that I’ve gone through
And I couldn’t have done it
I couldn’t have done anything without you

I fear the unknown
I’m thinking about how it was before
I’m glad that he’s gone and I’ve changed
But I could have chosen another path
Chose another path and gone a different way

Your sitting in the dark
Your wondering why it is I feel this way
Why I stare at the ground when you’re around
And your aware there’s something wrong
But you know that you can’t help
I wonder why she’s still here for me

You’re just as lost without me now
Arm’s wrapped tight around me now
Telling me I’ll be just fine
Give it some time salvation must be on its way
And sense of self-preservation returns to me



  1. nike dunk  August 7, 2009

    Not bad 2010 looks like a good year for kicks. A knick fitted with go fly with those deep orange kicks..


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