Sleepy Insane

So Tired But I Can’t fuckin sleep!
Closed one eye and not a single fuckin sheep!
Half and half are awake and the rest I need
Barely able to type I should use a pen
I’m in my room suffocating
Who the fuck locked me in?
Forgetting the thought I just said
24 of the same teal and red birds
Are in circles around my head
Pink box with white blotches what the fuck?
They surround me with out a sound
Spinning, spinning, spinning now stop!
Been a weird fuckin day, woot, woot, woot
Waiting and waiting for it to slip away
I know I’m not hung over or hello, high
However I know I can’t be sober, why

Now lets break it down.come on come on.just kiddin

If I was sleepin some then sand man would come
If I was the nuts one Kurt cobain would think that’s dumb
So eat green eggs and ham? I’m not Sam, am I ? I am!
The cat in the hat harassed the fat who..witch who? No ! that who
So what did he use ? a Louisville baseball bat
Okay okay what the flyin fuck am I talking about
I don’t have time to explain so am I leavin it at that?!

What? Come on ,come on, come on… i’m kidding again


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