Site Validation

This site in now Valid Xhtml 1.0 Strict (except the Youtube gallery page) Much thanks goes out to the support guys at the wordpress forums.

Here’s a list of what caused 55 Errors on my front page.

Big issues:

Iframe, i like my xbox 360 live gamer card but i don’t know if i can show it. does anyone know of a mod or plugin that will let you use Iframes and still validate? had to remove it for now.

Youtube embedded videos, found the plugin to work around that. (see above) however my gallery page wont be able to validate unless someone makes a better gallery mod that uses the same work around as this guy did for postings.

Border Tags, I use a plug in that makes it easy to add pictures from your flickr gallery to a post. unfortunitly it add’s border tags wich do not validate. i removed the tags from the posts and maybe I can edit the script to not add the border tag.

Small Issues:

I used BR tags on the about page. i didn’t know you needed to close them. fixed easy.

Had a fe missing closed paragraph tags.

I still need to go into every single post to check to see if i had anything messed up prior. but all the major bugs are gone. Thanks guys for the help.


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