Site Almost Complete

Much thanks goes out to Nik at for the awsome job on the theme i’m using.

Left to do:



fix all the validation errors. over 70 errors on the main page. I fixed them by removing bad tags. I’ll make a post about it.

set up Custom Query String plug in to allow categories to behave independatly, for my case, Lyrical shows 25 posts in alphabetical order, while fictional shows the last 6 posts by date.

set the background image to a static location. I like the dark gradiant staying on the page
check to make sure all plugins are working as intended. it Google is now getting data from the site to show. Everything else is installed and working.

when searching through catagoy view it displays the full text of the post and not just a snippet. that makes it difficult to find what your looking for….this was by far the hardest to do. took a ton of reading and trying the added code in differant spots.

rename catogories to best suit and manage the type of information there..Titles shorted or better named.

figure out how to do the asides posts…got it, i now have a blurbs section and haved moved over some blurb type posts to there.

Background gradiant darkened….done

need to change the categories section to the top of the list and set to open on page load….done, easy

the live search feature is amazing, however, it’s not intirely clear where it is at a glance. i’m going to try to figure out a way to add a “go” button to make it stand out more……. second thought, if people can’t figure it out ohwell, screw em.

I don’t even know if it’s possible but i’d like to get the “gmail for domains to work within a iframe or somehow intergrate it with the site other than an external link….looks like it’s not possible yet. gmail login link in the ‘other’ section of the sidebar.

add feeds for my digg news and delicious links.forget it… stupid idea. the feeds are easly gotten from going to the sites directly though this site.

add my feed and incoporate my recent song list somewhere in the site…. set up a social connect page that will combine any social sites/feeds i’m a part of, or will join.

work on getting my webcam feed up. i don’t know what i’m going to show but i think it’d be cool to have one….droped the idea. not enough bandwith on DSL. besides i dont have anything to show.


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