She Hides

Under analyzed. Taken for granted.
Deserves more credit, though none can comprehend.
Taking advice, taken advantage, very trusting,
of those who would wish to see her fall.
Exploring nothing, ignoring danger, sense of security.
Safe from the world if she hides.

Condescending, reassuring, a red herring.
In disguise, stigmatized, nothing is as it seems.
Mocking those who would speak against her,
attention’s center, standing tall, head held high.
Another brick in a wall of confidence, self contained, self defense.
Adding to the way that she hides.

Laughing or joking with imitations:
Doppelgangers, counterfeit fake friends.
Personified to get a reaction, any reaction,
smiling back to a glance, a look, a stare.
All the more reason to avoid the silence, the sweet silence.
And it’s so easy to hide.

Close to confession, your resurrection.
Ready to pay the price for pain no more.
Holding back the tears, the truth, the past, the charade.
She’s so confused from fear of the hidden.
But the facade it’s slipping, showing,┬áit’s slipping and showing though.
Breath in, breath out, composure maintained and resigned to fate.
It’s too little, to late. She continues to hide.



  1. tanya  October 6, 2006

    wow, that’s deep…


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