Secret Mission

The Mission:Spy

Last week I received an unexpected call from an agent who’s identity shall remain known only to me. He stated that the previously planned operation was a go. This mission had been initially discussed some months back and I had honestly forgotten about it. apparently all the details have all been worked out. His contact, a double agent employed by the enemy. working in the front lines. the two set up the time. all I had to do was show up.

I arrive late as part of my cover. being on time would be too suspicious, trust me. after verifying our communications and location have not been compromised, I passed off the operation funds in a white envelope to my agent. Payment upon delivery is standard procedure, however, this agent required working capitol to successfully complete the transaction.

The plan was simple. wait, at a predetermined destination in this case it was an eating establishment. Taco bell. Taco bell fucking rocks by the way and I’ll go there any chance I get since the one around our way closed down. Patiently wait, and eat those awesome steak baha chalupas, with a diet coke, of course. maintaining an audible and visual lookout for reasons to abort and if possible alert my agent through subtle means. Suppose the situation changed and the mission fail? or supose he was captured by enemy forces? In that case, I would basically say fuck my agent and quietly leave. In these situations I retain 100% deniability. A small monitory loss is of little consequence.

The mission was a success. We met at the before mentioned location and from there we made evasion maneuvers out of the hostel territory. I was handed my package and in return handed him his compensation in small unmarked bills.

I smiled as I opened up the package. I now had the required software for the most advanced hardware system in it’s class. I now have everything I needed, enabling me to continue the fight in tropical, and other locations or battlefields throughout the world, with an unbelievable amount of firepower, against terrorist and foreign powers, and unknown foes who’s existence and power could be debated, and uh… maybe even search for lost artifacts…

Post Mission Report:

What the hell am I fucking talking about!? Xbox 360 man. Or more to the point Xbox 360 Games. Fuck Paying $49-$59 for a damn game. Mod alternatives have yet to be released.. Fuck eBay. what’s the alternative? All I’m going to say is, I handed someone a small amount of money and that action set off a chain of events that basically led me to receive a package of 5 brand new un-opened Xbox 360 games. N.F.Q.A. (No Fucking Questions Asked) for roughly $12 a game. After which I ‘tipped’ the person whom helped me with this and headed home to play said games.

The new ones in my collection are: Far cry, Battlefield 2, Final Fantasy Online, X-men 3, and Tomb Raider. If the paragraph above the post mission report doesn’t make sense, re-read it now that you know what I was talking about.

I don’t know when this ‘mission’ can be done again, if ever. but for those of you who were asking, I’m working on it. Have some patience, You gawd damn vultures. ha.

EDIT: Last week I was a piarte (see Irish Pirate), this week a spy. who know’s what’s next… stay tuned



  1. carrie  May 25, 2006

    you are so retarded,

    just kidding, thats really funny. I was like WTF???

  2. edward  May 25, 2006

    This is Great!! Thanks alot. My gaamer score is officaly over 10,000. I beat Tomb Raider and will have x-men beat soon. I will meet you at an undisclosed drop off point to return. Thanks

  3. Robin  May 25, 2006

    Very Creative. I had no idea what you were talking about last night when you said you were writing a story about… well i’ll let him remain nameless.

  4. Brown-Dong  May 26, 2006

    thats some funny shit man……and….GET TO THE FINDIN OUT…WTF!


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