Rich, famous, or both.

As I write this I’m sitting on an air mattress in my otherwise empty house in Dover De. I’m here alone. Right now the room I’m in smells like paint. I’ve just finished up on one of the walls and I’m about to start on the next one.

Looking out the window, I’m reminded why I’m here. There’s a ‘for sale’ (or rent) sign in the front yard. The house has been on the market for a couple of months now and I haven’t had any offers. But in a few hours a young couple are scheduled to come and view the place. It really is a great house. Perfect for someone starting a family. I can only hope that they like it.

It’s not that I really wanted to sell this house, but more of a necessity. I came here to be closer to the Air force base I worked at when I was on active duty orders. I always knew the orders wouldn’t last forever but I couldn’t help but to assume everything would work out in the end. It didn’t.

For awhile I had been doing real-estate deals and had been doing really well, (you can read about them in the real-estate section) but a combination of the bubble bursting, lack of a W-2 showing ‘real work’ income and bad dealings with a previous partner, I lost my confidence in it. The simple fact that now I can’t even sell my own house does not help.

The job market is horrible in Delaware. No one wants you if you don’t Have a degree. I don’t. I never went to collage. If I could do one thing over again, I would go to school for something.

I could never take something that, to me, would seem like a step backwards. There might be work at a place like wal-mart, but being that I’ve made double or even triple the salary that those places pay, I could never do that kind of work. One of my major flaws is that I think Big. I choose to stand still if I can not move forward. But I’ve learned that sometimes you have to take that step backwards in order to clear the way for you to actually go forward. Unfortunately, I learned that too late.

Since I couldn’t find a high paying job that showed some prospects of advancement, I did what every American should do if they have the means: I started my own business. I would rather not talk to much about that yet, there are still some things going on with it and once they are finished I will probably share it here.

It cost me a lot to take the chance to work for myself and It did not pay off as I had hoped. At least I tried. A lot of people talk about it but never do anything to make it happen. I am not one of these people. In spite of my flaws, and although it didn’t work out, I’m glad I tried.

A rich and famous business man whom I can’t pronounce his name so I wont even try, once said something to the effect of: A person can expect to have three business failures before becoming rich. This same guy started dirt poor, lost five different start ups before making his millions. So far, my count is two.

I’ve hit a few road blocks. My pride has been the biggest one. Although, soon I will no longer be a home owner, I will still be the same person. I will be someone who will take chances when they can. I will be someone who will try and make a better life. Once you’ve had a taste of ‘upper middle class’ it’s hard to go admit to yourself that you must adapt to live on a budget or else you risk going broke. I don’t love money. I just hate having to think about it. So I’ve got my eye set on ‘Rich.’

I guess I’ve done pretty good for myself for starting out as a poor kid from the row-homes outside of Baltimore. I’ve had a lot of help from family and friends to get to this point and I’m going to need a lot of help still if I am ever going to figure out how I am going to achieve these goals.

So cheers to one day being rich and / or famous. Please leave a comment if you’ve got some ideas for my (or our) next venture. But please, be a pal and do not tell me of any get rich quick crap, I know them all, and none of them are worth a damn.

There is a paint brush sitting in a tray next to me and it’s calling my name.

Back to work.



  1. james  August 3, 2007

    u better not forget the little people when that happenes lol …

  2. Frankie  September 22, 2007

    I am like you as well, I may onyl be 18 and in grade 11, but the problem I face is, I will not work in ways lik you said you wouldn’t.
    I want to go forawrd and be a writer…but, Army/Militia is good.
    Ever think of them?


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