Real Estate Update.

No I didn’t Die. No I didn’t make millions and move to Florida… just have been extremely busy. Although I still have a little bit left until the one year mark. I will undoubtably come up short. however I was successful. nobody honestly thought i would make anything, and I thank you guys for your support.

After the completion of the second deal. I steped back to wait until tax season was over to see how this would effect me. Partner troubles also left me a bit gun shy, i’ll get over that. I also chose to take Real-estate classes to become a Realtor. They wll be done shortly. It was the logical course of action.

As far as the stock market. Blah. the stock i invested in has droped about 50% but im holding in there. based on the history it should rise and exceed by buy in price. hoping, anyhow. if theres a change i’ll write about it.

what else has been keeping me busy, Myspace, and Poker. oh and the Xbox 360. hah.

well thanks for reading. I’ll try to post more often.



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