Real-Estate situation

I have completed my real-estate Agent course. It took a few months but i am finally done. I learned allot of information in the time I had at DelTech. I would recommend this course to anyone who wants a better understanding of the real-estate business. If I were to choose the path as a realtor, I still would need to take the State and national exam. With this Certificate in hand I have even more credibility as an investor.

next goal:
property management course.
I should have the information and enroll within the next week or two. This is a crucial step in setting up my real-estate business.

Investing: well my ad’s we’re misplaced in the wrong paper and I had not received any leads. The Dover post have fixed the problem and I hope that the phone will be ringing more.

I am also pursuing a job with a mortgage company. the benefits provided by such a job are well greater than working as a licenced realtor.


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