Rambo Is Back.

This is the trailer to “John Rambo” (2008) Part four of the Rambo Series. Considering that last year’s “Rocky Balboa” wasn’t a total piece of shit, I felt better about seeing a new Rambo film. Now that I’ve watched the trailer, I can’t fucking wait to see it. The reason is because this 3 minutes and 30 second trailer is more violent and bloody than all three previous Rambo films combined. Sylvester Stallone, although an old man, can rip out someone’s throat with his bare hands like nobody’s business.






  1. Hannah  May 29, 2007

    I wasn’t too impressed with the trailer till I saw the end. Stallone is John Rambo. There’s just something in the name and the font that makes me NEED to watch it when it comes out. I think I need to get videos of the old ones though because I remember closing my eyes a lot when I was young. LOL. I also really want to see the new Rocky movie. I was really excited about that but I don’t know why I never got to see it. Oh and BTW I just got my 2yr old son’s hair cut. I was “inspired” by the pics at the bottom and asked the hairdresser to make his hair stick out in the middle. His therapists are so happy about the haircut. LOL.


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