Had a purpose, Sit here relax
Contemplating life, E=MC squared
What am I here for, I lost my purpose
Lonely where is everyone, Why am I alone?
Don’t know what I wanna say
There isn’t any meaning to this
I think I’ve gone insane
And I think I Agree with you
Why am I here, Do I have a purpose

Been up for days now
And it finally hit me
The cable wire is in the ceiling
and I need a splitter
Tic-tic-toc, The clock stopped
What’s my purpose, You wont mind
If I say what comes to mind
With or without even thinking
Get tired, Then stop reading
The writings already been done
But I need a printer
Is this supposed to have a purpose

Quit my job, I’m a bum
Got to get another
Lay down, Stay calm
Contemplate death, Who am I
Did I ever have a purpose
Why am I still awake
I’m Sick, The computer got a virus
Told me I suck, Everyone agrees
Including me, Why do I suck
Did it ever have a meaning
Trash can overflow, Just like Tom’s old band
He was a D.J., Now a singer
I see empty Lipton’s Brisk cans
Was that supposed to be funny
I’m wasting time, Did you know that
No, That’s funny, It’s Yours
You want me to shut up
Guess not, Your still reading
Yes i’m crazy and yes I agree
God Damn, Still no purpose
Vitamins are good, Star wars sucks
Darth Maul was cool But Qui-Gon
Should have ducked
Oh yeah, Is there a purpose

Wanna hear a joke, So do I
Got 63 cents on my floor
That’s enough for a doughnut
My brain hurts, I’ll trade it in
I can’t do that, Yes I can
I’ll roll back the odometer
Running out of paper soon
I’ll make the font smaller
Still don’t know my purpose

Crab cakes are good
A boy named crab ripped me off
Just for that, Hope he gets crabs
Think he will share them
Life is too short to ride
On the big roller coaster
Must be at least 4 foot tall
But mini thugs are only 3
Wow I figured out what my purpose is
What, You want to hear it
My purpose is to, Um…..Shit
I lost it


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