Poker Update .1

Like everything else I do. It’s easier for me to do better and not loose interest when I write about it. So I’m going to be doing some Poker Blogs to keep me busy. track my bank roll. Etc. So first lets go back and see whats happened up until now.

2 weeks ago….
Hooper and I took a trip to Atlantic City. Our Goal? Texas Hold’em. We both did ok for our first time in a Live non game. made a few hundred ech. I cheated and caught a big hand on the 3 card poker game. wasn’t complaining. (I think I’ll be writing more about this trip on another blog)

1 week ago….
Then we went back the followong week. My bank roll was a mere $300. I ended up loosing it, but I successfully played for around 8 hours winning money untill I called a huge bet on the river with a hand I KNEW couldn’t win anymore.

Shortly after that my play became loose to try and regain my lost chips. I floped a A high spades flush. bet small. the short stack went all in. I called. he ended up catching a STRAIGHT FLUSH. it happens.

The very next hand. I caught an open ended straight draw. I pushed in to try and steal the pot but now I was short stacked so I was called. Made the straight on the turn. He made the Flush on the river.

After I busted out I didn’t feel all that bad, but I want to come back. I want to do better. I don’t have dreams of winning a world series or anything, I just want to be consistant.

At home there is only one place to play. Online poker can be nuts, i’ve turned as little as $50 in to over $1500 just to let it go down the drain with some of my dumb mistakes. It isn’t exactly the same as a sit down game, it seems flushes, full houses, and straights catch more times then they do in real game.

3 Days ago….
I re-opened my account with Full Tilt. By far the best online game out there. There isn’t as many players as there is on sites like party poker or poker stars but the software is better IMO, and you can get a chance to play with some pros.
(I actually played with Chris Ferguson a non cash turny table with him last.)

There wasn’t any cash in the account, but i had some FT points. earned from playing and redeemable to enter turneys. I entered in to a two table game with my points and managed to win a little cash. $5 or $10.

One of the best features I like is the Heads up Turneys. you can buy in from $5 – $500 to play 1 on 1 for the whole thing. Since I was so short, this seemed to be the best starting point.

I wont bore you with all the details but i mangaed to win 2 $5 heads up, 2 Ten heads up. lost a $10 game, won a $20 game. in between i played some micro limit no hold’em where the buy in is 4 bucks. people pushed all in because they only had about 6 bucks to loose. had trips on a flop and doubled up.

end of the day I was at just under $65.00

2 days ago…
Research and development. I know what my big weaknesses are. how to over come them? I actually bought a poker book. well, a book on MP3 through Itunes. Phil Gordon’s Little green Book. All I can say is: WHY THE HELL DIDN’T I GET THIS MONTHS AGO! can it be that good? can it make that big a differance? well read on for the answer.

I had the Book playing in Itunes when i started up Full Tilt. First stop, $50 heads up. see if what this guy saying works. I beat him with in 10 minutes. I played another. that game lasted awhile we went back and forth and I caught a hard. a MONSTER hand. Pocket Aces. I raise. he calls. the flop 10h 7d Ac. ohyeah trip aces. he bets I Raise. he calls. 6s. he checks. I bet. he calls. 4c. I bet again and imidiatly he goes all in. before I would have pushed in to but then I noticed the straight possiblity and the way he was betting was EXACTLY how phil siad should be done to trap someone and kill them. I bit my lip and tossed the Trip Aces. and he shows me the Straight. I told him I had trip A’s. he wouldnt believe me. insisted if i had them I would have called. well i was down some but not out, I caught a hand just like his and did the same thing. he was pocket KK’s and pushed all in after i had the nutstraight on the turn. then he went on tilt and kept going all in alot after a raise, preflop. must have been 8 or 9 times. I fept folding and told him to “keep doing it, lol”. he didn’t listen or did, whatever. AQh big blind. he calls. I bet 3x the blind. he jumps all in in a split second. I call him faster then then he went all in. I show my AQ he turns over A8. OWNED.

end of day. around $245.00


more listening to the book. played a few cheap head’s up $10- and a 1/2 no limit game. got to about $270 and noticed a $10 but in turney. well over 100 players entered. what the hell. Long Long game. played tight. folded the monster hands when I felt the other guy got lucky. made people pay for thier mistakes and draws.

my chip count steadily went up, minus a few small pot setbacks. i wasnt even paying attention to the overall game untill we got down to around 30 players and I realized i had the 2nd highest stack. I pushed that thought out of my head because i didnt want to play wreckless. I just focused on the hand at the time.

it happened fast, I took out 3 players in a hand, and at the 2nd table a guy did the same thing. Boom. game pauses. we go to final 10.

I earned the chip leader position after about 10 minutes and lost 1/3 to a player who took 2 guys out. 8 left. 3 of us had huge stacks and we worked the other 5 out of the game. the stacks go up, down, even. I force a guy all in 3 times! had the best hand but the pot split all 3 times…lucky bastard.

Im dealt KQspades. I raise. big blind calls. Flop Ah As 6s
I bet into him to test his hand. he only calls. Turn Kh. Ok so i bet and he comes over the top with double my bet. I pause and consider. I have Aces and Kings with top kicker and a Nut Spades Flush draw. he only called me on the flop. was in the big blind too so who knows what he has.

I doubt he had the third ace when he only called…he could have the heart fhush draw or even better the spades draw. if he had the spades draw. i got him beat. if he had a king. i got him beat. I RERAISE double his raise. he goes all in.

to many outs not to call… and yup he slow played the aces and knew my hand hand was good enough to try for it.. the River, I missed my flush. Damn good game. 3rd place. I played that hand the best I could. perhaps a higher preflop raise may have had him fold. doubtful though because he was the chip lead at that point. Nice prize but god if only it was a 100 buy in!!

played some more micro no limit limit and a few $20 heads ups. won some, lost some. won more than i lost.

later that night i entered another 10$ turney. over 1000 players this time. I did well, but the players i was with were tighter and wouldnt give up chips easy. I got a stack upto 17K chips, from the 1500 starting. from them the huge stacks worked me down. I made a play at a big pot against the guy with the 3rd highest stack. he pounded me with an all in bet. I had good cards but we were close to the point where it started paying out winners. so i had to fold.. who knows if he had me i got scared. lost 1/2 the stack. i busted out in 68th place… so i won money. 2 for 2. luck? or am I just getting better.

played a few more heads up before bed. and i smiled at my bank roll. when i loged off ast night, i was sitting pretty at $812.73. I’ll keep ya updated.

if you wanna come and play used my code OWNED when you sign up or use the banner on my page and i’ll give you some of the referal money back.