Pocket Aces

A few weeks back, I met my friend Hooper up in Atlantic City. I really didn’t feel like playing much but I wanted to be there so that if hooper won some money, I could stop him before he gambled it back to them.

A poker tournament was going to begin later that night. I figured I would check it out becuase I had not had the chance to play in an AC ‘turney’ before. The turn out was over 200 hundred players.

It was about 1/4 of the way through when I look down and see AA.


Here’s how the hand played out (the best I can remember)….

A few people try to limp in just calling the Big Blind. I was about in middle position, so I raised the standard 3X big blind raise. I didn’t just want to limp, and I also didn’t want to scare everyone else out of the pot.

The next few people folded, the Big blind guy calls and unfortunately everyone else folded after him. Still making the raise was the right move. Here is why:

The flop comes up J-J-J. He is first act and he checks.

Now, I have a choice to make. This is a situation I haven’t been in before and I need to figure out how to get the most chips from this guy. Most people would fold if you bet after a flop like that because they would have to put you on a pair. A bet would mean no money.

I also need to find out if he has a pair, so I reach for my chips and then I stop, look at the guy, hesitate, and then just check.

The turn is a 4. Putting a flush possibility out there.

He quickly and nonchalantly checked to me.

Now, If i check, no money is being put in the pot. If I make the ‘right’ bet of 1/2- 1/3 the pot, I’m pretty sure he would fold if he had nothing, or even fold with a low pair, putting me again on a high pair.

What I decided to do was to go fishing. I just grabbed some chips, not even sure how many was there and tossed them forward. It looked to be close to the amount of the pot. I had the look of someone oblivious as to how to play on my face.

The guy said something like ‘What the hell? you bet that on a 4, It’s just a four!’ I just looked like I didn’t know what was going on, conceding to the guy, the bet was bad.

He called my outrageous bet.

I have to admit, when he called, I thought I was being out played by him. I thought he had the 4th Jack and was putting on a show trying to get me to bite. It was much more likely that he had a pretty decent pair in his hand, higher than a pair of fours, something between pocket 10’s and pocket kings.

The river comes up. I wasn’t paying attention to what the card was because, regardless of what came out, I knew what my next move was going to be. (I think it was between a 6-9, no flush draw)

I counted to 3 after the last card fell, and I announced: “I’m all in!” Not waiting for him to bet or check.

The guy said something that sounded like “excuss me?!”

The dealer informs me, it wasn’t my turn to act. The rest of the table are shaking their heads, mentally calling me a moron for playing like a jack ass.

I, looking embarrassed, mumble something like, “oh, uhhh, I thought he checked” and go to try to pull my stack back.

The dealer points at the guy and he says: “wait a minute!”, shaking his head and laughing, He said, “No, no, no… I’ll call that bet.. all in you said? I’ll Call!”

He pushed his chips all in, thinking that I was just trying to buy out a pot as quickly as possible.

I flip over my Aces and his jaw dropped. I knocked him out of the game. He was pissed.

I received complements from the other players, who up until that point, scorned any and every move I made at the table.

I tried to hold back my grin as I racked in his chips. I offered no apologies, but I was sorry the guy was so pissed. I shook his hand when he walked away.

Turns out, he didn’t even have a pair. Just K-Q suited. If i had played the aces any other way he would have folded, I’m sure. Thanks to the theatrics, he was willing to bet everything that his K was way better than anything I could have possibly had.

So when that situation happens to you, Give it a try and see if you get the same results.

(I was knocked out about 30 minutes later, when I was dealt Pocket Kings, and Instead of a raising like I should I limped in. the flop comes, everyone checks to me, I made a small bet hoping to get the pot up some. i get 2 callers. The turn makes a flush draw and a possible straight. I thought the time had come so I pushed, only to get a re-raise, and then go all in and get called. I should have made a bigger bet on the flop when there was already a straight possibility, but I was greedy and didn’t notice it until the turn, which by that time I bet big thinking he was on a draw and pushed all in thinking he had a straight and a flush draw, when in fact he had caught his gut shot straight on the turn and I was drawing dead… better luck next time.)


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