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Plinky is the newest contender in the micro-blog ring. It is an eclectic Q&A service. At the intersection of questions-and-answers services and social networking, Plinky opened up to everyone Thursday Jan 23rd 2009.

The really cool thing about Plinky is thay it offers up daily assignments called “prompts” for users to fill out, then share with others, be it on Plinky or on their existing social networks and blogs, such as twitter.

Plinky isn’t limiting the media type or format for responses, so users can submit photos, videos, and written responses, all of which goes into one big feed. For example, one of the first questions I did was: “Name your vice, and tess us about it.” After I filled out the answer (Poker) It prompted me to put in a keyword so that it could search the net and find an appropriate image to post along with it, or upload my own.

Some other examples of questions that have already been posed include: “name three songs you’d put on a road trip mix tape”, “what’s your favorite live music venue?” Now again, on other media fronts, take the ‘The three-songs’ challange, it allows you to look up the tracks and link to, where other people can preview and purchase it.

After answering any prompt you have the option to export your creation elsewhere. Right now the tool works with most major blogging platforms including WordPress (.com and hosted blogs), Google’s Blogger, Tumblr, LiveJournal, TypePad, and Xanga. There’s also a quick-post option to both Facebook and Twitter after submitting your answer.

Who Made Plinky

The folks behind Plinky, including former Googler and LiveJournal exec Jason Shellen, who is now Plinky’s CEO, want it to be more of a highly focused publishing tool that people are going to come back to again and again.

Ultimately what’s going to fuel people coming back are the prompts. You won’t have to come up with ideas to write about, you just answer the questions as creatively as you can. This should be a big hit for those users who religuosly did the ‘MySpace Surveys’

Now the really cool thing which I haven’t tried out yet, users can create and submit their own Prompts, which get sent in for moderation. The site is currently publishing just one new prompt a day, although users can cycle back through older ones to fill them out. And I’m sure as the popularity of Plinky Grows, the daily prompts will increase too.

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  1. John  January 30, 2009

    Hi and thanks for the nice review. Plinky sounds really cool, and I’ll certainly be trying them out!


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