Peak experience

I need more time.
Let me compose my thoughts.
It’s too much.
Please, just a moment longer.
So I can relax.

Scarlett writing in my mind.
The question forming on my lips.
Am I here, am I real?
Am I here, am I real?
Secrets not for us to know.
Not for us to know, not yet.
I never awoke from the darkness.
I had a feeling.
As if there was a connection.
I understood the reason.
For everything.

Here and everywhere.
There is no time.
Now and every-when.
Only living thoughts.
Endless possibilities.
Into forever, at peace.
At last.

Ages and eons may gone by.
Countless lives, lived and died.
Lived and died.
A haunting truth in the depths of mind.
A vague memory, of I?
I? Yes. I.
High, the price to return.
Loss of understanding.
Forgetting what was once given, learned.
Gone, the secrets, now confused.
But somehow I know that I once knew.
I know I once knew.
I smiled.
Opening my eyes.
After all that time, I am awake.
Finally awake.

Only moments had passed.
Since I had fallen into sleep.
The peak experience.
Forever altered my life.
And I wish I might return there.
Just one more time.
Please god, just one more time.


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