Lay In Bed-Close My Eyes-Fall Asleep-Being Chased-
By Creatures-Void Of Shape-A Fear You-Could Not Know-
Darkness Drapes-Everything-Running Fast-Look Behind-
No Escape-I Can’t Hide-Lightning Strikes-A Brief Glow-
Lets Me Know-There So Close-A Knives Blade-Slashes Me-
Warm Blood Flows-Still Can’t See-
I Awake-A Cold Sweat-The Clock Reads-Three Thirty-
Don’t Want To-Fall Back Asleep-Toss & Turn-Extreme Heat-
Burns My Head-Can’t Hold On-Don’t Let Go-It’s To Late-
Drift Away-Back To Sleep-

I Can See-Blood Covered-Dead Body’s-In A Room-
No Windows-Or No Doors-All Alone-Screams For Help-
Can’t Be Heard-Their Dead Eyes-Stare At Me-Hide My Face-
Smell Of Death-Ripped Up Flesh-And I’m Next-A Horror-
You Could Not-Imagine-Tell My Self-Please Wake Up-
They Reach Out-Grabbing Me-Pulling Me-Down To Hell-

Hearing Voices-Focused Eyes-I’m Floating-People Are-
All Around-One Of Them-Looks Like Me-Lying In Bed-
The Clock Reads-Six Forty-Closer Look-It Is Me-

Not Breathing-Still Floating-One Man Says-I’m So Sorry-
But He’s Dead-Lady Screams-This Can’t Be-
I Can Hear-Loud Noise’s-In The Back-Of My Mind-Reach Out And-
Hit The Snooze-The Clock Reads-Nine Thirty-Breath A Sigh-
The Phone Rings-Questions Asked-“Sleep Good Last Night?”-I Reply-
It’s A Lie-“Like A Baby”-Common Things-Every Night-Nightmares Come-
Every Day-Nightmares Fade-They Fade Away


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