Next President: Time to pick a side.

I never used to be very politically inclined. Before Bush was elected I really didn’t much give a damn who was president.

Bush came along and America went through a Crisis. The country banded together and it was wonderful at first but then our support for one cause was twisted into support for something else. Then the fear mongering began and American liberties are taken away one by one. Laws are ignored. Checks and balances are ignored. The constitution, tossed aside. Our current leaders have more power and control than any other leaders in our history.

They wave a banner of ‘Conservatism’ but these people are not Conservatives they are ‘Neo-Cons.’ I used to be confused by that term so much that I thought to myself “Well, shit, if this is what it means to be conservative then…. am I a liberal?” No people. Neo-Cons are something fairly new, and wrong.

Think about what the term means a second. The Neo-Cons are only interested in conserving the NEW way, not the old, they don’t give a damn about the principles and rights that the U.S. Constitution is about about. They care only about money and power. They gain both by claiming to be doing what is in the best interests for the country, but if you are not blind, you might see that all they have done is lined their pockets with more money and given more power to keep it. The Neo-Con’s should just call them self Imperialists.

Now to be fair, all republicans are not Neo-Cons, just as all Democrats are not liberals. But most Republics are Neo-Cons it seems. So therefor no matter who ran for president as a Republican, I would not give damn about them. Any random person off of the street would be a better choice for this county.

Why am I suddenly Interested in this topic? Heres two fun fact for you:

The last time such a strong shift in power accompanied by the slow sure decrease in the rights of the people happened in Germany when Hitler took over.

The last time a democratic society gave unquestionable power to a leader to fight a terrorist threat was in Rome and it ultimately lead to Ceaser becoming emperor.

Now these are very broad statements. A lot of factors contributed to the downfall of both governments but it is also accurate. You don’t have to become a history buff, just look up the facts for yourselves. History has a way of repeating itself, and in this case, that is a terrifying thought.

We stand idly by while laws are bent and broken for ‘our sake’ I personally am more afraid of my government now than of a terrorist attack. It’s insane for such a thing to be possible. The government should fear it’s people not the other way around. Can you imagine a day when a president decides that two terms in office is not enough, and that it should be extended, to three terms, maybe four, maybe indefinably. It’s a scary thought but it could happen right now. I wonder if a proposal like that, oh-lets-say, made by George W. Bush, his reasoning: ‘in order to fight the terrorist threat.’ Would anyone would stand up? The change would probably pass, and then, we would no longer be in democracy; we would be in a true dictatorship. And that my friends would mean that the United States as we knew it would be gone forever.

My belief is that our country is on the verge of losing what made us great. One of the oaths I made when I joined the military was to defend the constitution with my life and also follow the orders of the president. What do you do when the constitution is in danger by the president? You do what you can, you speak out. That document should be considered in everything we do as Americans and nothing in it should be side-stepped in the sake of ‘Protecting America.’

Ignorance and Comfort are deadly combination. Open you eyes.

There is a candidate who is running as a Republican, he is not a Neo-con, but from what I am learning, he is a true conservative. He is constitutionalist and libertarian but running as a Republican because, well, you kind of have to pick one of the major parties if you truly want to have a chance to be in the running. Another sad fact about country.

I will not sugar coat anything. Do I think he would be a perfect president? No. Do I agree with everything he says? No. There are probably half dozen candidates who would probably make a better president if things were different. But not a single one of them is willing to stand up and restore what this country is supposed to be about. That is what I feel we need the most right now and not to give away more freedom for the illusion of safety.

Those reasons alone is why Ron Paul will be getting my vote.

Here is a clip:


Please keep in mind that all this is solely my opinion and if you have different views I would love to hear them.



  1. Hannah  August 7, 2007

    Our country is suffering from the same problem – a bad president. I could go on and on about what ails my country and all our shitty politicians but I don’t feel like it today. LOL. I do hope you get a better president though next time and one who doesn’t justify war for other reasons. I am ashamed to say that I was supportive of the war at first (my oh my did Bush blind people) not realizing all the other ulterior motives. I am so politically and economically daft that any politician could probably put a spin and make me believe it. I am learning though and have decided to start educating myself. I hate the fact though that whenever elections come to the Philippines the really good men never win. I’m serious. I love my country but voters here are so damned stupid and selfish. I guess I should start paying attention to international politics as well. But truthfully I wouldn’t until it’s almost election time again because it just makes my head hurt!


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