Military Funeral Protesters In Delaware.

May 21, 2006, Protesters from the groups “the signs of the times” and “god hates fags” rallied in seaford DE. at the funeral of a soldier killed in Iraq. The group’s protest incited a mob of angry Delawareans. Delaware state police had to escort the group out of the area in a police van. One of the protesters was filming on a hand held digital camera while they we’re attacked by the mob inside the police vehicle.

(video taken from godhatesfags site.)

For those of you who are not fimimiar with these groups. they go around the country preeching thier messages at the funerals of fallen serivce men. here is a picture that put’s into perspective what theese people do.

As a member of the armed services I vowed to defend any Americans rights, including free speech. I would give my life to protect the rights of these groups. After these groups started the campaigns to protest at funerals, the only thing that changed is that I am no longer proud to do so and I’m ashamed they can call their selves Americans, as I do.

To judge what these groups are doing as right or wrong, even though I can actually feel the wrongness, It is not our place. That’s god’s job. when they meet their god and ask him if what they were doing in life was his will. I can only hope he shakes his head ‘no’ and tosses them into a pit of fire to burn for eternity. We might not have long to wait. unfortunate accidents may start happening to the people of those groups.

Until then, I only wish that people could wave their rights to be protected by the men and women of the armed services. If that could happen and given the choice, I would choose not to defend them, for they don’t deserve a single drop of blood to be given.



  1. Nik  June 7, 2006

    I would protect their right to free speach, but i still want the opportunity to bash one of their faces in with a rock.

  2. ths  June 7, 2006

    I think they all deserve to get kicked in the face with a steel toe boot.

  3. B  June 8, 2006

    I believe Maryland just passed a law against things like this. Making it illegal to protest at a private funeral.

  4. Ben  June 8, 2006

    A few years ago I met these people (the protesters) while covering a story for my college newspaper They were protesteing at a local high-school. The scariest thing about them is not their willingness to use such inflammatory language, or their ability to organize, it is their hardcore belief in what they are saying. They are true believers and it is very frightening to be in their presence… Especially the children those little F**ks are creepy.

  5. pumpkinhead  June 9, 2006

    Oh God, not these fuckin’ fucks again!

  6. DAWN  June 10, 2006

    I get great comfort from the knowledge that these pieces of human waste have a special place awaiting them when they finally bite it. And it’s not floating on fluffy white clouds.

    The sooner the better, God willing.

  7. Bruce  April 22, 2008

    once i see one of these fucks im going to rip open thier mouths so far it will tare there cheeks and im going to spread their cheeks and stick a fukin swprd in their asshole and then finally with their last gasp of breath im going to crush their heads with a anvil


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