Make Shanahan Fired

It looks like the Bronco’s Head Coach Mike Shanahan was fired. I guess the Boncos didn’t think he has anything left to give next season. Here is a poll, Do you think Mike Shanahan should have been fired by the Bancos?
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Thanks for answering. Have something more to say about it, leave a comment. I Personally don’t think Mike Shanahan should have been fired, but that’s just me. Lets see what the polls say.

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DENVER . Mike Shanahan is the latest and most shocking news about the NFL coaching purge, Shanahan was fired Tuesday by the Denver Broncos because of the late-season collapse destroyed the teams shot at going to the playoffs for the third year straight . Shanahan joined Eric Mangini, Rod Marinelli and Romeo Crennel on the unemployment line after going 24-24 over the last three seasons, theres are including three straight losses in 2008 that turned a three-game division lead to an 8-8 record. Sucks for him.



  1. R.L. Gates  December 30, 2008

    F#ck Elway, his son, and his f#ckin’ coach………

  2. Woody  January 1, 2009

    … and his little dog, too!

  3. Joseph Durnal  January 8, 2009

    I think that coaching changes should not be considered until after the Super Bowl. Lets say by some merical, the Chargers manage to win it. Would it be so bad to miss the playoffs if the team that won your division won the Super Bowl? It wouldn’t be a reflection of how bad your team is, but how good the other team is.


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