Microsoft Surface

I just watched the videos for the new “Microsoft Surface.” My first thought was, ‘Wow, Microsoft just announced an Apple product.” If this product ever comes to market as something even remotely similar to the videos that were just released, then what we would have is the first step into ‘Minority Report’ style interfaces.

Most impressing to me was the representation of the ‘Microsoft Surface’ was the demo of the restaurant’s table top menu system. Brilliant.

Some other features:
•Music – You put your music player on the table, and your credit card. Both are recognized, then you drag songs to the player. Zune is obvious first device, but potential other partner in the works. One demo used a nano. Could partner really be Apple? Let’s not get carried away… yet.

•Virtual Concierge – A fairly self explanatory guide program, complete with mapping programs

•Food & Drink – Not just interactive menus, but glass (and presumably plate and maybe even silverware) recognition. Like Music program, it reads credit cards just by placing them on table.

•Photo – A simple photo editor reminiscent of iPhoto

•Puzzle – A game where you assemble actual pieces of glass on top of the table, each with a sliver of live video playing

•Water – A water screensaver that you can touch to make ripples

•Paint – Simple painting program that reads pressure sensitivity by judging the size of your fingerprint

Have a look at the Videos and discuss your thoughts on the new Surface product.


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