Man on the Street Vs. Man in the Church.

The Man on the street:

Pass me on the street corner…

Can you spare a bill for a vet, Sir?
Stress of war has ruined my mind.
No? I understand.
Maybe you can spare a mere moment then.
Just a moment of your time.
Choose to ignore me.
Don’t want to hear me?
Don’t want to deal with me?
I see the future. Horrifying.
Watch as the world disintegrates in my mind.
Every person dead and burning.
And the cities have all come crashing down.
I am the man on the street shouting.
You are every fool that pays me no mind.
Can’t anyone understand my warning.
Heed this message. It is the end of our time.

The man in the church:

Pass the collection plate…

Spare something more, you can I’m sure.
Blessed not poor but certainly blind.
No? I understand.
Dig deeper into those pockets then.
Just a bit deeper. There’s more to find.
Choose to empower me.
Want to pray with me?
Want to have faith in me?
This is the future. Times of trying.
Father who art in heaven show us a sign.
What if the world stops turning.
And Satan’s spawn rises up from the ground.
I am the man in the church preaching.
You are the scared fool that feeds from my kind.
Place a dollar in the tray there flockling.
Hear this testament. Salvation costs only a few dimes.


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