Letter of Intent.

To you,

A plain white envelope with just your address on it. Who could resist opening it. At first you think it’s just junk mail and you considered tearing it up and tossing it into the trash, right?

It’s o.k. I don’t blame you. Everyone thinks the same thing at first. On second thought this letter could be something important, so you opened it and while still expecting to see advertisements or a credit card offer inside you noticed my neat handwriting. This letter a photocopy of the original.

You looked to whom it was written and only find the opening word’s ‘To you,’ Yes, that’s right, this letter is for you, who ever you are. Consider this my confession of events that have not yet come to pass. Consider this my letter of intent.

Before I go on, I have to tell you that you do not have to read anymore of what I have to say. I’ve taken up less than one minute of your time. It can end here If you wish, simply toss this in the trash and think no more about it… or continue to read but pass this point you won’t be able to turn back.

I guess you are still reading. You couldn’t resist the idea of hearing my confessions Yes, as in more than one.

My first confession is that I had killed people. Lots of people. The last, was a pretty young woman who was having car trouble on the side of a highway. Why she did not use her cell phone to call a friend to help her, I’ll never know. All this happened earlier in the evening of me writing this, mailing this out overnight delivery, and then going home to, well, I’ll get to that in a moment. She had the hood up and was fiddling with the battery cables, when I pulled up and asked how I could help. I did not intend to kill her. I did not.

When she spoke to me she sounded just like the foster parent who abused me as a child. Do not feel even the slightest bit sorry for me. It is simply the truth. She sounded like someone I hated and therefore I slit her throat. It happened so fast. I heard her voice. Then her neck was slashed. She died with a surprised look on her face.

My second confession is that you are talking to a dead man. Right after I murdered the girl, wrote this, dropped this in the mail, I went back to my apartment and put a bullet in my brain. Sorry I can’t offer you proof. I’m not going to be on the news or anything like that, but rest assured, while you are reading, I’m rotting in my recliner. Again, do not feel bad for me, I wasn’t a nice person.

My third confession is that I am not finished killing. This must sound strange but you will have full understanding. I promise. You see I have always known I would kill myself. After I dumped the girls body I knew I was going to do it that night. That’s when I heard her cell phone ringing in her purse. I took it, the caller I.D. identified the incoming call as being from ‘Mom’

As I had said in the beginning, this was a confession but also a letter of intent.

I intend to kill you.

Oh no, you can’t stop reading now.

Do you want the how or the why first? Ha ha, I’m sure you do not see how a dead killer can ever harm you so let me explain the why.

Why Me? You see, I want to be remembered. I want to be seen on the late night ‘psycho mass killer’ specials. For years, I’ve tried to be caught. The police around here are Inept in their duties. So call this my surrender. When they find your body it will lead them to my body and with it the list of all the sin’s I have committed.

If I could pull off what I hoped to, then I would ensure my place along with the greats such as Manson, Gein and the rest. Killer kills from beyond. That dead girl’s ringing phone was the answer.

Why You? You do not know who I am so far I haven’t told you how I ended up mailing this letter to you. It was the girl and her phone. She knew you. You were listed as a contact in her phone.

By now you are probably franticly running off the list of young pretty girls you know. which one is it? which one did I kill? I’m not going to tell you and you are not ever going to know. I will tell you that she could have called you to help her when her car broke down but did not and now here we are.

Don’t even think of putting this letter down now!

You are not special. Our mutual friend had a hell of a lot of contacts in that little PDA deal she was carrying. What I haven’t told you is that every person listed had an address. To every address I sent this letter.

You may have been a Friend, Enemy, Co-worker, Cousin, Sister, Brother, Ex, or even Good ol’ Mom. You all got this letter. 63 people to be exact.

How? My Last Confession. I intend to kill you and while you have been reading this letter I have been committing murder. I may have forgot to mention I was a chemist at one point. Each one of these letters have been soaked in a nice little blend of chemicals I whipped up.

A special batch that if applied to the skin for over 60 seconds starts to take effect. Remember I did give you the chance to get out while you could. This ‘poison’ if you will, has been working it’s way into your bloodstream. you have been feeling the effects but probably didn’t notice because you were too upset thinking about your dead friend, your dead killer and of course your own impending preposterous death. It’s o.k. I wouldn’t have believed me either.

…and by now, you won’t be able to stand up to go for a phone for help. In fact you won’t be able to scream, go ahead and try if you like but your vocal cords have been relaxed. The hallucinations should begin very soon if they haven’t already. Remember, think happy thoughts, because your heart will be giving out shortly.

Randell Smith.

P.S. When they make the movie, I hope I’m played by someone good.

A reposting of the actual letter Randell Smith, sent out to 63 of his victims before committing suicide. 41 of the 63 were killed. 7 seriously injured but were saved due to quick medical treatment from the families. 11 people were not home to receive the letter or never opened it. Only 4 people threw the letter away when Randell informed them of the option.

Police recovered evidence linking Mr. Smith to a total of 22 additional homicides at his residence.

Randell Smith’s life story titled ‘Letters of Intent’ is currently in post production and due out in theaters this spring.



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