Far enough.
Fear. No nearer,
No nearer, no nearer.
Still small steps taken,
Pushed from behind.
Three thousand, maybe more,
Requests and demands of a kiss,
Heard from behind.
Ignoring, refusing, protesting, amounts to nothing,
Begging, dealing, pleading, for nothing.
Scrutinized, by all attending, intensely.
Forcing, sub-sequential ungracious
Forcing. The crowns’ hand, unbending.
Kneeling down, slowly.
Peering down, briefly.
Lips touched, gently.
Instantaneously, weeping.

Figures, unknown others, a procession of,
So many others, nodding approval.
Thanking, praising, hugging,
So gently, accepting.
Cheering, waving, laughing,
So easily moved by a child crying.
And yet,
None amongst them questioned underlining causation.
From what trauma summoned the salty-salt water,
These unwelcome strangers known as tears?
Sadness never overwhelmed,
Sense of loss never phased,
This life of luxurious nonexistent emotional pain.

“Child, know what was, know what is,
Know what will be. Know by a kiss,
A kiss to teach what life will contain.” Only,
Mask any truth for this king’s watchers’ pleasure.
Lesson one, tainted ambitions require stratagem to maintain.
“Child come, Take this crown” you desperately covet,
Mimic a life long lasting splendid performance,
From which many o’ standing ovations shall bloom.
After these long years, wasted,
Here lying, still performing, still wasting,
For death, death is only waiting.
And cares only for one last confession of wasted days.

O, that day, that day the clearest,
While plotting revenge, revenge on the hand that is forcing.
Fantasizing of forcing in turn.
While knees bending,
Trembling. Lips soon to touch, so gently,
Against those that once had so softly kissed me,
When life was filled with boring mystery.
But life lived, loved or not, is still depleting,
The young mother, the Queen, pale, no longer

Then, as in now,
Again, quiet weeping,
And this heart is weakly beating,
Grown old. So old.
Then, as in now,
Weak, with fear, with suspicion,
Of the gown covered body,
Colored gold. So gold.
Then, as in now,
No use in resisting, now certain.
Forced, nearer and nearer,
Being controlled. Controlled!
Then, as in now,
Un-loving lips burn with anti-anticipation.
Un-desired knowledge. The vile witch.
All will happen as the witch foretold. Foretold.
Then, as in now,
Terrifying confirmation,
Flesh, dead and dying, degradation,
Cold. So cold. So cold.


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