Jihad World Wide.

We interrupt this broadcast…

Breaking news, nothing new, live on the scene, time to tune in, they’re ready to stream, you pretend you don’t wanna see but we know you do, seen it before, seen it all, it can’t be nothing new, what ever happened to them, happened to them, it’s better them than you, right? Right. Steady, are you ready? Focus, zoom in, more details at 10, the first scenes begins.
You see a women, crying, bleeding, and she is screaming in pain, desensitized, you hardly feel, you don’t care, then, just then, cut and pan, the truth got a little to real, you feel numb because you’re staring at a child, no older than two… and he’s been blown in two. Sick to you stomach, for the viewers sake, cut again to a commercial break, for a split second you almost wondered who was responsible, hold on, just a few quick words from our sponsor.

We’ll be right back, don’t turn that dial…

News flash. This is latest attack, welcome back, if you’re just tuning in, let’s recap. Flashing lights, Blaring sirens. Paramedics. Wounded, Dead and dying. Firemen, Firefighting. Blood-covered streets, Victims crying. Angry police, mob now rioting. With us. Against us. Pick a side. It’s just another target of the Jihad world wide. Pause. Let’s back track, Tivo rewind, find hidden truth between the lines. This is propaganda of the distorted media, what is this coming to, what are they feeding us, journalists too are terrorists, are you against us or are you with us. Pick a side. You’re just a victim of the Jihad world wide.

Turn off the fucking T.V.


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