Normal summer night
watched as white clouds floated by
less ordinary
a change in the wind
something i could not describe
feeling not quite right
sound was defining
pretense to an arrival
none would have believed

Chilling speckle
below the hovering crafts
crowds begun to form
world leaders rejoiced
communication was tried
welcome to our world
patient we waited
to hear what they had to say
no responses received

Finally happened
anticipation was strong
then it all went wrong
chose their first victim
the girl was hysterical
taken by a beam of light
bombs began to fall
the explosions all around
thousands of us dead

The mood quickly grim
worst fears realized
hostile beings arrived
cameras kept rolling
filming chaos and terror
broadcasting our fate
we could only watch
a hopeless fascination
too afraid to speak

They came like a plague
one after it another
continued fire
showing no mercy
brutal attacks did not cease
cities in ruins
the world battlefield
populations destroyed
not much left to save

Banded together
we attempted to defend
a chance to have won
nuclear winter
fought with everything we had
our efforts futile
reinforcements came
they dominated our sky
the war was over

Forced to surrender
no longer could we withstand
victory was theirs
unwelcome masters
unseen to our scared eyes
exercised control
finally landing
the powerful mother ships
evil things inside

Creatures dark and violent
explained their situation
why they chose attack
they killed their own world
escaped in vastness of space
left her a dead husk
by chance they found us
instead of being our guests
they took their new home

camps that they placed us all in
we await our deaths
pure insanity
our race just a memory
my time has now come
this had been the tale
of how the humans attacked
never forgotten


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