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Stealth Fiction

  • @CryptoZyzz Just found your volume tool, awesome. Could you make it sortable? :D
    [2 weeks ago]
  • @justinvendetta @realytcracker You’re chugging coffee, I’m chugging whiskey. Cheers!
    [3 weeks ago]
  • Facebook said the page didn’t get any likes and I should publish a post. Thanks Facebook. No one likes me and…
    [3 months ago]
  • What I’ve Learned of the GPS Glitch [Part 1] • /r/nosleep
    [1 year ago]
  • Something New from SammyFowler. Heavy on the sads.
    [2 years ago]
  • So little time to write. Hopefully I’ll get the next novella finished up next month.
    [2 years ago]
  • So, this is a thing. NSFW. Potential Trigger [Sexual Violence].
    [2 years ago]
  • @TMobileHelp 6s 64 JumpOnDemand Preorder quotes $27.56 a mo. after the $99 Down Payment. No mention of advertised $19 promo!? I want proof.
    [2 years ago]
  • Something new. Something a little different?
    [3 years ago]
  • 275 words about a break in. Enjoy.
    [3 years ago]