I hate gossip

It’s nice to be around people you can talk to with out having to worry about what you say being spread to the world. People love the ‘he said, she’ said’ bullshit. It gets on my nerves.

I would hate to have to end every conversation with: “this is just between us” or “don’t tell anyone that”

That should be the default behavior. Everything you hear should be considered confidential unless permission is asked to share the information.

This came up recently where as I was planning a ‘suprise’ party. I allowed a certain someone to overhear a few of the ideas I was going over for the party. Common sense would tell most people that due to the nature of the party certain people should not be made aware of the plans.

I started getting questioned about the plans by someone who shouldn’t even know anything about the party. What’s worse is the information they had from their ‘confidential source’ was mostly inaccurate.

I had a pretty good idea of who must have provided the information. So I asked if they had said anything.

They replied, (paraphrased) “All i said was, blah blah(anything and everything I heard you talking about the party)blah …Did u tell me anything was a secret? NO you didn’t!”

The point is I shouldn’t have to. If I wanted everyone to know, I would have told them myself.

I think I might print some tee-shirts to remind people to mind their own business with the following disclaimer on it:

“No one likes a big mouth. This is a reminder to keep YOU from spreading rumors… Don’t say nothing to nobody about anything I ever say, do, think, or write. This includes but is not limited to pieces of information I choose to share with you directly , Information you over hear or are given by a third party concerning me. Unless you ask permission, and it is given by me personally, to share any knowledge you have with others. Thanks and have a good day”

Yeah, I think those shirts would be a hit.



  1. tanya  September 8, 2006

    i read this and then i told a bunch of people. na na na na na.

  2. christine  February 21, 2009

    i read that then tanya was in the trunk of my car nananana

    tanya sucks….

  3. Carole Heath  March 4, 2011

    This article is very good regarding gossip, i have some friends who gossip and they like to poke their noses into everone else’s business. Ans some of them are asked to keep certain things to themselves they have been told by others, and what do they do spread it all around and sometimes causes problems and normally when the person finds out all hell breaks loose. I try to avoid these type of people now or don’t tell them any of my business. But in saying that i have friends who i can trust who would not repeat my utterances which i convey to them, you have to know who is a motor-mouth and who is not i think.


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