Hope, Forlon

Silent prayers, solemn tears, subsistence, a Hope, Forlorn.

War drums beating, intense, rythem of death.
Considering dark thoughts, a Hope, Forlorn.

Adolescent souls of men so eager to die.
For advanced careers or proven worth.
Quiet whispers of a Hope, Forlorn.

The breach now made, the seige soon done.
Firing of guns and the exploding of bombs.
This bloody sympony of deadly cannons.
Antisipation, a Hope, Forlorn.

The defenders are offered safe pasage and quarter.
For they had faught and resisted with full honour.
But, by god, be it known, thy fate awaits grim.
Total, every man, women, child, be damned.
If there is the call for a Hope, Forlorn.

Our enemies are all injured, hungry, tired and worn.
Horid battle they faught, most clearly was lost.
Yet confident that thier defenses shall stand.
Repectfuly, the terms, surrender, refused.
Effectively that action sealed thy doom.
Leaving no hope, only a Hope, Forlorn.

Forward I march, the sacrifice, a soldier for the slaughter.
Tolls of death increase by one with each man sent in.
Through the breach, the carnage must be endured.
Conscripted pawns, cut down, and swept away.
Generals from afar, plot and play thy games.
All empires crumble at the falure of kings.
We are the first wave, a Hope, Forlorn.

The city burned as the population was raped and massacred.
Nothing will, nor can be done, a grave opened by thy hand.
Rage has taken control of even the gentlest of gentlemen.
Over time horrors shall be forgotten by all not involved.
True history written by those who celebrate victory.
May god be able, forgive our sins, I share blame.
From the ashes, lessons learned, we are wolves.
Once defied to our worst, a Hope, Forlorn.



  1. Lucy Dee  November 17, 2007

    Why doesn’t your email work?

    nice poem by the way…


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