Highway Idiot

A fellow loadmaster, Moyer, and I were driving North on Rt.13 heading to lunch. We were in the right hand lane getting ready to turn off the road. Moyer sees a truck a few cars ahead of us in the center lane that seemed as if it was driving on a flat tire.

Switching into G.A.M. (Good Airman Mode – yeah, I just invented that shit) to do the good deed of the day, we abandon our turn and speed up, passing a few cars to try and catch the truck. He pulls up along the truck and sure enough the right front tire is completely flat. This guy was practically driving on his rim.

So Moyer gestures to the guy, doing the ‘wind your fucking window down’ motion. The man had a confused south Delaware redneck look on his face. It took him a few seconds to understand. When the light bulb finally did go on, he rolled down his window and asked what we wanted.

“Dude, your front tire is flat.”
“Front tire’s flat man”, pointing to the tire.
“Oh, Ha-ha, I thought so…Thanks!”

We figured he would have pulled out of the middle lane, turn into a gas station or something, to exam the tire. Nope. He just put his window back up and sped away up Rt.13 driving on a flat.

Sometimes I hate the people that I have to live in this ‘city’ with. Fucking rednecks.


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